5 Benefits of Investing in Costa Rican Real Estate ⋆ The Costa Rica News

The Costa Rican property market is without a doubt one of the best investments and capitalizations you can do that today. Since there will always be someone looking for a property to rent, or better yet, if the location is strategic and the area’s capital gains are increasing, there will never be a shortage of prospects Buying your property.

But what are the benefits of investing in real estate? Well, here are some tips to keep in mind when considering an investment:

  1. A property is like a good wine

Investing in property is a wise decision indeed. This premise is a crucial point, especially if this investment is viewed as an asset that hardly depreciates in value. Over time, increasing the capital gain of the geographic area will result in your investment generating a return on the value of the property, and therefore greater profitability.

On the other hand, this decision also implies something that will bear fruit in the long term. Hence, a clear profit forecast is essential as you will not increase it right away.

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  1. You don’t have to be a real estate expert

One of the advantages of investing in real estate is that you don’t need any technical knowledge in the field to make an investment. This advantage also provides an excellent opportunity. With this in mind, real estate capital gains in Costa Rica rose 9.2% over the past year.

On the other hand, some areas like Guanacaste and Punta Iguana are starting to see higher capital gains even though real estate costs in these areas are still low. Pay close attention to these places as they can turn out to be the right options, especially if you are thinking of a good investment.

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  1. How can you use a good real estate auction?

An auction takes place when a property is secured by a bank or financial loan. In this case, the encumbered property will be confiscated from the tenant as long as such a loan is not fully covered.

Banks and financial institutions usually auction the real estate in order to win back their investment and thus achieve a return on the loan granted, whereby they also manage to maintain real estate at 50% of its value.

This is a good point to consider when investing in real estate. If you want to rent a property that will make you a big profit, just make sure the documentation is in order to avoid future problems.

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  1. Investing in real estate development is a great opportunity

The main benefit of real estate development is the investment cost. Since this is a pre-sale property, lower prices are given, resulting in a final profit of 10% to 30% of the property’s original value.

In addition, you have the exclusivity of buying a completely new place. The only downside we can find because it is on pre-sale would be the fact that we are expecting to observe the finishes and what the property will look like by the time it is finished.

  1. Your best friend will be a real estate advisor

A real estate advisor is a specialist in this field. So if you want to make the best investment of your life, trust that he or she can help you with it. Make sure the real estate expert is certified or at least has a membership in a reputable professional association.

The fact is, they have the technical skills to see the areas with either greater capital gains or an economic boom to add significant property value.

So now you know:

Investing in real estate is the best option for generating income and the most profitable way to capitalize on your money. If you want more advice or want to find the perfect property to invest, reach out to the experts who can help.

Daniel Yepez / TCRN staff