10 Actual Property Advertising Automation Instruments To Begin Utilizing At the moment

The central theses

  • Marketing can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be when the right tools are in place.
  • Automation tools can improve the customer experience and thus improve your service.
  • Planning your marketing efforts ahead of time will make it easier for you to execute your strategy and provide valuable content to customers.

Maintaining a competitive position in the real estate industry requires consistent process improvements.

We all try to find more hours in the day. And while marketing is an essential business practice, often your valuable time takes a back seat to nurturing customers and delivering results.

Fortunately, there are marketing automation tools out there that do a lot of the work for you and help you achieve a consistent flow of leads.

Here are 10 time-saving marketing automation tools you can use to make a statement in the markets you serve.

1. Social media

Social media can suck a big time. You want to share relevant and timely updates, but when you maintain Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and possibly more, it is difficult to keep the updates consistent and engaging.

And who has time to drop everything during social media peak to make sure the latest photos are showing up on their followers’ news feeds?

By automating social media, real estate agents can plan ahead and schedule updates for some or all of their social media channels. This also makes strategizing a lot easier when a post is more than just what seems interesting to share at the time.

Suggested tool: Sprout Social

2. Email newsletter

By sending a monthly or weekly e-newsletter to your sphere of influence, you can maintain relationships and ensure regular contact with customers and prospects.

Sharing valuable information with your audience can also improve your status as a subject matter expert in your market. Using an automated email platform, you can manage your contact list and schedule emails in advance.

Once a template is set up, adding your content is easy and provides a quick touch point that your audience will look forward to on a regular basis.

Suggested tool: MailChimp

3. Text messaging

Marketers are taking advantage of the modern behavior of carrying a cell phone around at all times.

Text messages are a great way to reach our audience with a short message, and the chances that they will read it are very high.

Just listed a home in a desirable area? Send your customers a short text to get the news.

Chances are they’ll text back and ask when they can come and visit the house with you.

Suggested tool: TextMarks

4th Direct mail

The visibility of the mailboxes in the target neighborhoods is vital to the success of property marketing. However, managing direct mail campaigns and mailing lists can be time consuming.

By using services that allow you to create geographic or demographic targeted mailing lists, you can reach your ideal audience without having to keep robust contact lists.

From just listed and just sold postcards to custom home valuation postcards, you can explore your agricultural area and get their interest in buying or selling a home with you.

The great thing about direct mail is that it is persistent (whether on a coffee table or on the fridge) and can be easily customized with unique URLs and salutations, making your communication more authentic.

Suggested tool: TriggerMarketing

5. Home Value Reports

Home Value reports can also be shared digitally, e.g. B. by email or through your website.

When looking for homes to sell, educating your agricultural area of ​​the home’s potential market value can be a tempting fact, especially if it is increasing.

Positioning yourself as a field expert also increases your chances of receiving that call to discuss their options in more detail.

Suggested Tool: Home Value Leads

6th Blog

Blog content on hyper-local topics in real estate can have a huge impact on your SEO and provide content for your social media and newsletters.

However, it can be a chore keeping up with blog post writing. You’re a real estate agent, not a full-time writer.

If you have a topic in mind and can provide guidance on how to treat it, you can easily order content from professional writers.

Just describe what you think your audience would like to learn, how long you want the content to last, and (voila!) You now have a ghostwriter who can channel what you can’t type.

While not a traditional marketing automation tool, it takes the detail work out of the job while achieving your marketing goals.

Suggested tool: spelled correctly

7th Lead follow up

Converting website visitors to leads is great (especially if you can get their email address or some other form of contact information), but then you do a lot of follow-up work all the time.

What if you could move your prospect through the sales funnel automatically? You can!

Emailing your lead letting them know what to do next can help you feel heard and hopefully schedule another viewing for a listing.

Gather tips from “11 Time-Saving Email Templates Every Real Estate Agent Needs”.

Suggested tool: SmartZip

8th. Automatic search results

We all know the mega real estate networks like Zillow and Trulia, the updates to email search results – but wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically push your new listings to customers you know are interested?

Sharing this information not only shows your commitment to the service, it also feeds your business initiatives at the same time. And that saves your customers time as they don’t have to come back every day to do the same search.

Suggested tool: RealtyNA

9. Live chat: website customer support

At a time when everyone wants instant feedback, adding a chat feature to your website can make a huge difference.

Big brokers do this, and so can you.

Answering a simple question quickly can demonstrate the customer service they can expect from you.

If a website visitor engages with your brand, now is an opportunity to promote that edge.

Suggested tool: Zendesk Chat

10. Online planning

As you can see, automation can not only save you time, but also optimize the customer experience.

Online planning is another option. It saves you those tedious back and forth email conversations to coordinate calendars and direct your customers to your online calendar that knows your time commitments and shows available time slots.

Added bonus: your diary can be a useful social media and email marketing link to move potential customers through the sales process!

Suggested tool: ScheduleOnce

Eric Cosway is the EVP and CMO of QuantumDigital. Follow him on Twitter.

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