10 Secret Instagram And Facebook Features That’ll Boost Your Real Estate Marketing

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Facebook and Instagram are not the newcomers to the social media world – but they are two of the most popular and effective platforms for real estate agents and brokers to build their brand, promote their listings, and generate leads.

Did you know that there are several hidden features that agents don’t know about? Here are some of my favorite little-known gemstones.


1. Don’t be a secret agent!

Did you know that you can choose which areas of your profile on Facebook are open to the public? Although many of you likely have a personal Facebook profile and a company page – if you are “Googled” – your personal profile on Facebook will often appear at the top of search results.

The challenge is that if you’ve set the privacy settings of your entire profile to friends only, the public may have difficulty contacting you.

Go to your personal Facebook profile and in the “About” section you have the option in each section to change the privacy settings and to change your work and contact section to public.

2. Create private Facebook lists to organize your customers and prospects

This tip is an oldie but goodie, but I’m still shocked how many people don’t know you can do this. It’s one of my favorite features on Facebook. You can create as many private lists as you want (for your eyes only, your friends will not be notified when they are added to a list).

You can create lists like customers, leads, agents, neighbors, first-time buyers, and so on. This option is only available in your personal Facebook profile and the desktop version of Facebook.

I love this option because Facebook can be so loud. Once you’ve created lists, instead of looking at your noisy newsfeed, you can go straight to a specific list connect with people!

3. Review your Facebook insights on the Facebook groups you manage

Do you manage a Facebook group for your community, neighborhood, or office? Did you know you can review your insights and engagement to see who are the most active members of your group?

This tool allows you to shout out these people monthly or at your convenience.

Plus, you can pin multiple announcements, schedule content, and format posts within groups – all great for group admins. By the way, if done right, Facebook groups can have a massive impact on your bottom line.

Inman ambassador and broker Lee Arnold has gained a 25 percent market share in his market area, not least because of the group he leads and maintains.

4. Automatic subtitles for Facebook Live

Did you know that if you go live on your page or in a group on Facebook – you can have your live broadcast automatically subtitled by Facebook while you speak? It’s a fantastic tool, especially because so many people never turn on the sound on video content.

Here is a link from Facebook with details on how to set this up for your next broadcast.

5. Download your Facebook Live reruns

If you’ve created great content using Facebook Live, download it. Save it to Google Drive or Dropbox so you have the original file. You can also upload it to your YouTube channel, record the audio and turn it into a podcast, or edit a quick clip to share on Instagram.

Social media is rented – save the content you create. To do this, go back to Facebook Live on your computer, click on the video and you will see several options: edit video, edit post and download video.

By the way, did you know that Facebook Live is still one of the best pieces of content that generates more engagement than almost any other type of content? Here are a few ideas on how you can get more people to see your Facebook Live.


1. Create Instagram highlights to extend the life of your Instagram stories

Maybe you’ve been on someone else’s Instagram account and seen “buttons” or circles on their page under their bio. These are called highlights and come from Instagram Stories.

Your IG Stories will disappear in 24 hours, but after you’ve posted a story, you can come back to that story and add it to a highlight. Highlights help show who you are, what field you are in, who you are outside of business, etc.

A lot of people don’t realize that on Instagram you can go into your archive and add older stories to your highlights. Even if they have “expired”, you can still add them to your highlights.

2. Create Instagram guides to showcase your expertise

Here’s one of my favorite little-known features. You can go to Instagram, click the + sign, and create an Instagram guide. A guide is a collection of posts from your or other IG feeds. You can create a guide that includes homes for sale, your community, testimonials, property tips, etc.

It’s a great way to bring older IG posts together into one curated collection. You can then share this guide from IG to your email database, IG Story, or elsewhere.

3. Robust search function

If you are on Instagram on your mobile device and tap on the magnifying glass, you will go straight to the search. You can now search for locations, hashtags, and keywords. To find potential local customers, find areas that your potential customers might be gathering and interact with them on Instagram.

Find local businesses that you love, follow them, and highlight them in your content. Be sure to tag them on your posts when you do.

4th Activate your notifications for your A + connections

Instagram doesn’t have lists like Facebook, but you can turn on your notifications for your A-plus customers who are active on Instagram or local accounts where you don’t want to miss their posts.

Go to their pages and tap Enable Notifications to receive a push notification when they post a new post on Instagram. It’s an easy way to stay on purpose and top-of-mind!

5. Look at what worked before

Are you stuck with content ideas? What has worked in the past? Review your Instagram Insights and browse your past content. Which posts had the greatest reach? Shares? Saves Remarks? You can look back two years!

If a post performed well a year ago, or even six months ago, why not post it again but update the caption. It’s an easy way to reuse content. This is available in Instagram business accounts.

Want more tips and content ideas for Facebook and Instagram? Check out the video below.

Which hidden functions do you love on Facebook or Instagram? Please share it in the comments section below.

Katie Lance is the author of #GetSocialSmart and founder and CEO of Katie Lance advice, a social media strategy company and founder of the #GetSocialSmart Academy. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate by Inman News and is a key keynote speaker at many industry events. Katie is also the author of the bestseller, #GetSocialSmart