20-Plus Publications All Real Estate Investors Should Read

The real estate industry gets a lot of coverage, and savvy investors make sure they stay up to date on the latest news headlines. What publications are currently on your reading list? If you’re looking to add or expand your investment portfolio in a new direction this year, here are some top real estate publications that are making investors subscribers.

Note that these publications typically offer free content on their websites, but readers can upgrade to paid subscriptions for premium content in digital or print formats.

Increase your real estate wealth

REI Wealth Monthly is great read for investors looking to expand their portfolios and create wealth through real estate. It is billed as the longest running real estate magazine from the same publisher, Realty411, who also publishes a magazine by that name. Investors looking for funding for their next property should also check out PrivateMoney411.

Wealth Management Real Estate (formerly National Real Estate Investor) offers the same first class coverage under its new name WMRE. The name change reflects the publication’s mission to bring real estate investors together with financial advisors and asset managers to share insights and best practices for wealth building.

Everything about REITs

The National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts (Nareit) describes itself as the “Worldwide Representative Voice” for Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and other real estate companies focused on the US real estate and capital markets. It publishes a variety of digital and print publications that offer both a macro and a micro view of the REIT industry. REIT Magazine is a bimonthly print / digital magazine that is the primary news source for the REIT world. REITWatch is a monthly pub that offers industry statistics, while REITWay is Nareit’s annual report.

Real estate development

Builder magazine has covered all aspects of home construction, including products and technology, construction techniques, innovation in design, and business practices for over 40 years. Builders, architects, and other professionals in the agriculture and construction industries read this magazine, which also features a daily newsletter called Builder Pulse. This publisher also produces Architect and Affordable Housing Finance.

Builder and Developer is a trade magazine covering the latest trends in the housing industry with an emphasis on construction and development. For the environmentally conscious building contractor and investor there is Green Home Builder. Both are published by Peninsula Publishing, which produces a variety of digital and print media focusing on housing, housing, new housing, and affordable housing.

Urban Land is published every two months by the Urban Land Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to ethical land use. The magazine provides information on developments relating to sustainability in the construction industry and technology in the real estate world.

Industry Dive is a robust website with more than a dozen deep “dives” into the commercial real estate sector. Retail Dive in particular is important read, especially as the pandemic is affecting brick and mortar stores. Other sub-groups of the main dive include Banking, BioPharma, Construction, Education, Grocery, Grocery, Healthcare, MedTech, Restaurant, Retail, Smart Cities, Supply Chain, and more. Commercial real estate investors are likely to subscribe to a number of these specific dives depending on their portfolios and interests.

Inside Self-Storage is a monthly magazine that has been an integral part of the self-storage industry since 1991. Owners and operators, managers and investors are looking for solutions and insights into this competitive industry in this publication. In addition to the magazine and the weekly digital newsletter, Inside Self-Storage also produces the ISS World Expo, an annual conference and trade fair that is considered the largest in the industry.

News about residential real estate

Inman is one of the most famous publications covering trends in the real estate market. The staff were recognized for their coverage of many aspects of the real estate industry, including technology. The news source also sponsors educational opportunities and industry events for real estate professionals.

Multifamily Executive Magazine is produced by the same publisher as Builder. This online magazine reports on news and trends in real estate management, design and development, business and finance, and technology.

The Real Deal is a digital and print publication covering the latest real estate news, mainly in New York and the Tri-State. It also covers real estate news in LA, South Florida and Chicago, and a national edition covers the top residential and commercial real estate news across the country. Regardless of where you live, The Real Deal is a great way to stay informed about the top players and properties in major US real estate centers.

Real Estate Magazine is the only independent publication in the country that focuses on residential real estate and moving. It covers a wide variety of aspects in the real estate world, from sales trends to business development to technology.

Realtor Magazine is published by the National Association of Realtors and focuses on topics that are important to real estate agents and brokers, especially on the residential side. While the focus is on sales and marketing, investors can rely on this source for data and surveys that report on the latest home buying trends.

Architectural Digest is touted as “The International Design Authority,” and the magazine is known for its stunning interior designs, as well as exterior architecture and landscapes. If you’re a fix-and-flip investor, it’s a good idea to reach out to AD to keep up with the latest trends in home design.

HGTV Magazine, the print magazine from HGTV, is flourishing positively despite a shrinking print newspaper kiosk. While this isn’t about the real estate industry specifically, residential property investors will want to stay tuned to create spaces that renters and buyers will love.

The final result

Keeping up with the latest trends and deals in real estate should be on the agenda of every real estate investor. Depending on the focus of your portfolio, you might want to make a number of these publications part of your required reading.