7 Marketing Tips to Attract Real Estate Pros and Brokers

When it comes to marketing for real estate clients, it can be tricky. You are constantly on the move.

Here are some tips that not only can help you generate interest in your brand, but also increase leads in one-on-one conversations.

  1. Talk to real estate office managers large and small and offer their employees free or paid seminars. Cover some of their most common problems, such as: B. Time management, database maintenance, transaction management, investments and taxes, and more. Do rounds with these office managers for updated tips once or twice a year.
  2. Create downloadable content that they can use. Then share it on social media platforms they are on. See the example below.
  3. Podcasts are a great way to reach people who spend a lot of time traveling or who don’t work on a computer. In addition to, or instead of, content writing, watch a series of podcasts that you update three to four times a month.
  4. Join a local group of companies like the Chamber of Commerce, the Small Business Association or SCORE. Attend networking events and make sure your pitch is focused on real estate. Offer to speak to these associations free of charge and provide timely tips for agents, agency owners and brokers.
  5. When it comes to social media, focus on specific posts, not general ones. For example, create a property list with influencers on Twitter and share your content with this list. On Facebook, in addition to using the Company Page, use a group and ask questions members are likely to be engaging with, such as: B. “As a real estate agent, what questions do you have about real estate or rental investments?” Instagram is another type of platform that only offers a link to your website. So connect it to your blog or podcast page. Share posts that reflect company culture, industry history, tips and topics related to real estate, such as: B. Foreclosure tips, investments, rental properties, zoning and more.
  6. Preparing the website is key. Headings, keywords, image tags, content and more are the core of the agents you will find online. Seek out an SEO expert to get your website in good shape for organic search.
  7. Online search advertising is also a great way to keep your brand on top when agents or brokers seek help. Use keywords in your ads, e.g. B. “Real estate is a cornerstone of [insert your firm’s name]. “Spending a little each month on search marketing can go a long way.

Bonus tip: think locally. When sharing information on social media, use a local hashtag that identifies your region, e.g. B. #Philly, #Boston, #Denver etc.

Example – Downloadable Content

It is difficult for real estate professionals to focus on business when they are spending much of their time on the go, talking to buyers and sellers, reviewing offers, and more. Keep this in mind when creating content that you want to share with them.

Here is a simple content plan that you can use to create a piece of content that can be downloaded, podcasted, sent via SMS, or shared on social media.

First, create a notice sheet that will become a blog post on your website. Add 3-5 accounting tips tailored to their needs, such as: B. corporate records, expense automation, deduction receipts, and hardware and software apps that they can use.

Second, once the piece is written and posted on your website, you can easily turn it into a podcast (or multiple) using your computer – Mac’s Garageband and PC’s Audacity are both free and good quality. Consider a good microphone and headset combination to reduce background noise. Make the blog you just wrote as chatty as possible. When you are satisfied, post this file (MP3 or 4) on your website. Remember to hold the podcast between 1 and 15 minutes – ideal for short car trips. For more podcast tips, visit wikiHow at http://www.wikihow.com/Start-Your-Own-Podcast.

Third, share the blog and podcast separately on social media and messaging websites. Social media websites can be Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Messaging services provide a one-to-one connection with your leads to share important tips with them. Tools like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp are popular. Remember to use popular hashtags when posting content. See the following sample posts:

Blog / Podcast Title: How to Attract Buyers and Influence Sales – Real Estate Accounting Tips

Social Media Post – Twitter: Do you want to attract buyers + influence sales? Use These 3 # RealEstate # Accounting Tips!

Social Media Post – Facebook: Real Estate Agents – Do you want to attract buyers and influence sales? Here are three accounting tips that can help you achieve your goals. Listen to the podcast today! #RealEstate #Accounting

Social Media Post – Instagram: How to Attract Buyers and Influence Sales – Real Estate Accounting Tips #RealEstate #Accounting #RealEstateInvestor #RealEstatePro #RealEstateAgent

With these tips you will be equipped with the tools you need to get new customers. The hard part is creating and executing the plan. What steps will you take to get in touch with the agents and brokers in your area?