ACRE unveils initiative to improve diversity in Alabama’s real estate industry

The Alabama Center for Real Estate (ACRE) at the University of Alabama announced its groundbreaking REimagined Diversity initiative, aimed at bringing more people from underrepresented groups into entry-level positions in the real estate industry.

While industries like healthcare and education have adapted quickly to a diverse population and workforce, the real estate industry is lagging behind. Only 16% of those surveyed in the CREW Network Benchmark Study 2020: Gender and Diversity in Commercial Real Estate responded that 25% or more skilled workers in their workplace are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and Colored).

Many conversations and articles have been written about the need for diversity in real estate, but there are no initiatives aimed at preparing and increasing the participation of Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, or multiracial people in large-scale real estate careers.

“While diversity has been part of the ACRE outreach program for several years through industry career panels and real estate curriculum development at HBCUs in Alabama, we now have a bold goal to empower over 100,000 young adults with color in real estate by 2030 through our REimagined initiative, ”said Grayson Glaze, executive director of ACRE.

The first REimagined program under development is CORE: Career Opportunities in Real Estate. CORE is an online credentials program that provides remote and competency-based coaching that prepares participants for entry-level jobs in the real estate industry under the principles of awareness, willingness and connection.

ACRE has entered into a strategic partnership with LifeRamp, a leader in technology for coaching improvement, providing college students and young professionals with the support and tools they need to transition into a career and life they love To offer CORE participants targeted life and career coaching to explore careers, build skills and be successful in all facets of real estate.

“It is really exciting to be part of the REimagined initiative and to see the vision and commitment of ACRE and local leaders come together in this effort to create greater diversity, equity and inclusion in such an important part of the US economy create, “he said Michael Huckaby, Founder and CEO of LifeRamp. “We hope that CORE will have a significant positive impact not only on young people in the state and the South, but ultimately across the country.”

Internationally recognized real estate professional Debbie Phillips will bring her expertise in real estate career research to the program’s curriculum. Her Atlanta-based human capital outsourcing company, The Quadrillion, provides leadership development and training, workforce development, and performance assessment.

“The ability to use the LifeRamp platform to create awareness and prepare potential talent for opportunities in the real estate industry is a real milestone,” said Phillips. “Students today are looking for relevant resources and hands-on experience when it comes to researching their careers. This program is the most holistic solution available for making meaningful connections and literally changing the face of real estate. “

The first CORE cohort will start in August and scholarships will be awarded so that there is no barrier to entry into the program. Visit for more information about the initiative and how to get support.