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In our 2021 Agent Playbook, we identified real estate agents’ 2021 goals and challenges, as well as the tactics they used to previously achieve their goals. When we looked at the agents’ responses, we realized that effective marketing is paramount for agents looking to win more deals in 2021.

This shows us that while some agents are achieving great success in their marketing efforts, many others are struggling to find the resources and identify the tactics that will help them grow their business.

We’re here to help you with our best agent marketing tips to kick off 2021 (and a little surprise at the end)!

Update news and materials
A lot has changed in 2020, but one thing is clear as we start navigating in 2021: inventories will remain low, leading to high competition among agent surpluses. What sets you apart What makes you the best agent to help home buyers and sellers achieve their goals as seamlessly as possible? Answering these questions is key to updating your news and materials to win deals this year.

In our recent survey, enough was mentioned to have a competitive advantage or to offer a variety of services – both as a challenge and a path to success – to warrant our attention.

With nearly 1.5 million REALTORS® in the US, competition is fierce, so it is of the utmost importance to differentiate yourself with better service and branding. From providing a home improvement solution before listing, to specializing and highlighting within a niche, agents find ways to fix sellers’ weaknesses and provide superior service. Those who offer more services and find the best way to communicate these potential customers will be the agents who stand out in 2021.

Ask yourself the following questions to land on your competitive advantage:
– What weak points are buyers and owners confronted with?
– Are these weak points in the current economic landscape different from the normal ones?
– What additional services can I offer to address these vulnerabilities?
– How can I influence what is most important to the sellers: increasing the selling price?
– How can I briefly explain how working with me and having access to my suite of services is the best way to buy or sell a home?

If you have a large enough audience, testing can help you optimize your messages. However, if your audience isn’t big enough, that’s fine! Go with your gut and just listen to what past, current, and potential customers are saying. If you want tips on expanding your digital audience, read on.

Getting started on social media

In our survey, many agents said they did not have the funds to undertake marketing efforts. According to REW’s report, 53 percent of agents spend less than $ 5,000 a year on marketing.

Social media can seem like a high mountain to climb, and many platforms have become pay-to-play – but not all! You can still get significant organic reach on Instagram and Pinterest (without wasting all of your time). Assuming you post good content with good text and graphics, then it’s all about the hashtags.

There is a lot of advice out there that suggests that you do your research to find the best keywords and hashtags to put in your Pins and posts. However, this research takes time, especially since there is no keyword tool for Instagram and Pinterest. Of course, instead of spending hours figuring out which hashtags and keywords work best, this is what you should do. Finish things off by submitting some relevant keywords and hashtags that the Pinterest community may be interested in.

Take a look at this pin. We shared it in September and then sat back to see what would happen. A few months later, we noticed more traffic was coming from Pinterest and we noticed that the pin was being “picked up”. While we added keywords (like Dream Fireplace) and hashtags, those keywords and tags were chosen based on industry knowledge rather than SEO knowledge.

This Pin didn’t take hours of keyword research, time outside of our schedules to interact with other Pinterest users, or spend on advertising. Still, it gets thousands of impressions and a decent number of clicks every month (and it just gains more traction)!

In summary, you need to use and vary hashtags. You don’t have to spend hours researching to find the right hashtags, however. Just use your industry knowledge to land on the right terms.

Introduction of tools to increase the list price
At the end of the day, your salespeople are more likely to refer you to friends and family if you can meet your target list price. Of course, the easiest way to sell for more is to pre-list smart home improvement items that will add value. You might be careful suggesting pre-listing do-it-yourself jobs because you’ve been on the right track before – and this ultimately resulted in hours of your time managing projects.

With Curbio, you don’t have to spend time managing projects for sellers. Our project managers are full-time employees from Curbio who value the trust we have built with over 500 agents through more than 1,000 successful projects. They will save you hours of project management time and help you maximize the happiness and profits of your salespeople. Your salespeople will walk away from the closing table overjoyed because the Curbio Pay-at-Closing model has enabled them to significantly increase their profits without cash upfront – and they will thank you with lifetime referrals!

We’re excited to give you our best agent marketing tips, but we don’t stop there.
Partnering with Curbio already gives you a head start in your marketing by offering a higher level of service and better listing – and now we’re sweetening the deal. We provide marketing support in a number of ways, including a $ 500 cash card for your marketing expenses. You will receive the $ 500 cash card for any project that you receive an estimate for before the end of March 2021. Find out more about how and why this marketing support program is run here.

Olivia Mariani is Marketing Director at Curbio. Visit to learn more about Curbio’s pre-listed home improvement solution and how you can use it to grow your business.