After 30 years, Snyder continues to shine in Eastern Panhandle real estate | Journal-news

There was a time when Carolyn Snyder wanted to be a writer. And maybe it would have been her if life hadn’t led her onto her own real estate business, Snyder Bailey & Associates, which she founded more than 30 years ago.

“Life just goes on for me,” Snyder recently said of how she got into real estate. “I like what I do and I meet a lot of interesting people.”

Snyder was exposed to the real estate world early in her life when her father was a real estate agent in New York. After working in politics for some time and teaching at NYU, she made her way to West Virginia because her then-husband was making the move.

It wasn’t long before she opened her office and at that point was only involved in commercial real estate. After that wasn’t enough to have an office, she set out to work with large, unique, and historic properties. Since then, the company has also carried out work dealing with large areas of land.

The company’s website states, “Snyder Bailey has built a reputation for being the leader in historic, luxury, and one-of-a-kind property sales in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The company delivers great agency results with unrivaled customer service and support that only a boutique agency can provide. “

Service is critical to Snyder’s success, she said. Ultimately, her greatest accomplishments as a real estate agent are the relationships she has forged over the years. Without her, she said, her business wouldn’t matter much.

“I’m very proud that people are coming back to see me,” she said. “Then they send their friends. I’ve made so many friends in the business over the years. I regularly work with a number of people buying and selling for them who were just wonderful.

“I really like the gig projects,” she added, “and I love all the historic buildings. … It’s exciting what’s going on in the business I do. Especially the larger projects and land development projects – for these I can be involved for two to three years. It always feels good when that happens. “

Snyder currently works with six agents and is licensed in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Of all the things that the agency offers, it specializes most in HEW real estate, which stands for “historical, property and waterfront”. Many of her customers, she said, come from larger, more populous areas and are looking for peace and quiet in the eastern panhandle.

When Snyder plans to settle down after an already long and successful career in real estate, she stressed that she couldn’t imagine a day she would leave the business.

“I don’t know what else I would do,” she said. “I have family, children and grandchildren here. I have a good life and I find real estate interesting. I don’t like going out for lunch. I like to use my mind and I like challenges. I wouldn’t be good at golf every day, and I’m not that good at hanging out. “

Snyder also stated that most of all she loves the process that she does the most. Most of the time, she said, she just enjoys being with the clients she works with. And that ultimately makes the job something she can never imagine going.

“There are times when you would like to say I would like to go away for a month, but I don’t know if I really mean it,” she said. “I have great-grandchildren, wonderful children, a five-year-old grandson who would rip your socks off. I’ve been very lucky in my life, have traveled a lot, and don’t itch as much as other people. I feel pretty happy considering how everything is going. Do i feel alright where i am? Yes.

“It is very important to me that I do a good job in what I do,” she continued. It’s more important than anything else. When people feel good and are in good hands, I am very happy with it. Not something you dial into every day; It’s just how you live “