Alexandria Real Estate Equities (NYSE:ARE) Given Buy Rating at Robert W. Baird

Alexandria Real Estate Equities (NYSE: ARE)According to analysts from RobertR Baird, the buy rating of the shares of Robert W. Baird was confirmed in a research report published on Monday.

NYSE ARE opened at $ 181.10 on Monday. Alexandria Real Estate Equities has a twelve month low of $ 136.52 and a twelve month high of $ 181.43. The stock has a market cap of $ 26.71 billion, a P / E of 41.82, a PEG of 4.39, and a beta of 0.80. The company has a 50-day simple moving average of $ 170.88 and a 200-day simple moving average of $ 167.31. The company has a leverage ratio of 0.63, a fast rate of 0.31, and a current rate of 0.31.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities (NYSE: ARE) last announced its quarterly earnings data on Sunday April 25th. The Real Estate Investment Trust reported earnings per share of $ 0.04 for the quarter, falling short of Zacks’ consensus estimate of $ 1.85 ($ 1.81). The company posted revenue of $ 479.85 million for the quarter, compared to the consensus estimate of $ 484.48 million. Alexandria Real Estate Equities achieved a return on equity of 4.79% and a net margin of 29.07%. Alexandria Real Estate Equities sales increased 9.1% from the year-ago quarter. For the same quarter last year, the company had earnings per share of $ 0.14. Analysts predict that Alexandria Real Estate Equities will achieve earnings per share of 7.29 in the current fiscal year.

In related news, director James P. Cain sold 400 shares of the company in a transaction that occurred on Tuesday, March 16. The stock was sold at an average price of $ 168.01 for a total transaction of $ 67,204.00. Upon completion of the transaction, the director now holds 4,506 shares in the company valued at approximately $ 757,053.06. The transaction was announced in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission available through this link. In addition, CEO Peter M. Moglia sold 10,000 shares in the company in a transaction on Wednesday March 17th. The shares were sold at an average price of $ 167.57 for a total value of $ 1,675,700.00. Upon completion of the sale, the Chief Executive Officer now directly owns 194,887 shares in the company valued at approximately $ 32,657,214.59. The disclosure for this sale can be found here. Insiders have sold a total of 20,400 shares in the company for $ 3,407,004 in the past ninety days. 1.12% of the shares are owned by insiders.


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Several institutional investors recently changed their positions in ARE. Perigon Wealth Management LLC acquired a new stake in Alexandria Real Estate Equities valued at approximately $ 25,000 in the fourth quarter. CX Institutional increased its stake in Alexandria Real Estate Equities by 73.3% in the fourth quarter. CX Institutional now owns 156 shares of the real estate investment trust valued at $ 28,000 after purchasing an additional 66 shares last quarter. Arkadios Wealth Advisors increased its position in Alexandria Real Estate Equities by 77.3% in the first quarter. Arkadios Wealth Advisors now owns 156 shares in the real estate investment trust valued at $ 25,000 after purchasing an additional 68 shares last quarter. Vantage Consulting Group Inc acquired a new position in Alexandria Real Estate Equities valued at $ 40,000 in the fourth quarter. Finally, Ellevest Inc. increased its stake in Alexandria Real Estate Equities by 186.6% in the fourth quarter. Ellevest Inc. now owns 278 shares of the real estate investment trust, valued at $ 50,000, after purchasing an additional 181 shares last quarter. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 87.58% of the company’s stock.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities company profile

Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc. (NYSE: ARE), an S&P 500® The Urban Office Real Estate Investment Trust (“REIT”) is the first, longest-standing and pioneering owner, operator and developer to focus exclusively on collaborative life science, technology and agtech locations at locations of AAA innovation clusters a total market focused capitalization of $ 31.9 billion as of December 31, 2020 and an asset base in North America of 49.7 million square feet (“SF”).

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