Anaege: Exchange Rate Shouldn’t Bother Real Estate Investors

Sohana Realty, a real estate company, recently unveiled a real estate portfolio overseas and in Nigeria to increase the confidence of existing clients and prospects in the latent return on their selected investments. Sohana Realty chief executive Henry S. Anaege says Bennett Oghifo investors shouldn’t be too concerned about the dollar to naira exchange rate

Tell us about your real estate background

Henry S. Anaege is a licensed real estate professional in the US with a great passion for African real estate. He then became a broker / managing partner in a real estate development startup that grew into a multi-billionaire company in Africa within three years. An achievement he is particularly proud of. It’s the same penchant for delivering creative real estate solutions that he continually brings to every transaction.
A member of the NAR and HAR in the USA as a Certified International and Luxury Real Estate Expert with a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Lagos. Persistent and very optimistic, he is a firm believer in philanthropy, African heritage and the way to change the narrative / perception of Nigerians in the diaspora about Nigeria and Africa as a whole through innovative business ideas and the use of technology. To relax, he likes to travel and read jazz music.

What is the current Open House in Nigeria about?

We hosted master developer SOHBA from Dubai here in Lagos. The whole idea is to help our existing or new prospects diversify their real estate portfolio and invest offshore. Given the current situation and the great instability of the dollar / naira exchange rate, investors are concerned about the future of their investments. We see the need to help.

Which projects do you market?

We are currently selling the Creek Vista G8 development in Mohamed bin Rashid City, Dubai. We also have a lot of inventory for our local market here in Lagos, Abuja and Eastern Nigeria.

My real estate portfolio after three years in business

I am grateful for the trip so far and happy to have achieved so much in such a short time. I started real estate from my first house sale in Lagos when I came from the US. Then I got a license in the USA and joined an African real estate startup that we expanded into a multi-billionaire company within three years. We currently have various real estate investments in Lagos and the US managed for our investors and partners. We are working to expand into construction and offer flexible payment plans so that our employees can realize their dreams of home ownership.

How is the ROI for your projects? Given the tough competition in a depressed economy, what can potential buyers cost?

Our investment options are tailored to each investor. Before we work with potential customers, we want to understand their goals and objectives. Real estate investments are very different from buying a personal residence because the return on investment (ROI) has to make sense for the investor. At Sohana, our team of experts is very competent and experienced in order to be of the best possible help.

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