Announcing UREPZ, A Full-Service Self-Representation and Marketing Platform for Creators, Influencers, Sports/Club Organizations, and Student-Athlete NIL | State

CHARLOTTE, NC, February 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – UREPZ, Incorporated has announced its full-service self-advocacy and marketing platform for NIL rights of athletes, social media influencers, emerging sports real estate, smaller leagues, and club / sports organizations.

C. Brett Harrell, Founder and CEO of UREPZ, a former sports student who played at soccer Appalachian State University With 20 years in the sports, startup and agency business, he is now leading the way in improving the competitive environment for personal branding business opportunities.

UREPZ’s mission is to put the power of an e-commerce business in the hands of the people. To be the self-representation and marketing platform through which individuals and companies can manage, enhance, market and monetize their NIL rights or personal branding in a guided, assisted and data-driven environment.

Harrell said, “We started with student-athletes and influencers to capitalize on their economic opportunities. That’s why we designed UREPZ to be full-service, guided and supported. The UREPZ platform is for everyone, who have a following or audience, not just the 1% of the talent pool. “

Interested talents such as creators, influencers, sports students and club sports / civic organizations or companies can now pre-register at The UREPZ platform is free for registered talent users. Additional custom services are available for a fee.

To learn more about UREPZ, their services for student athletes and influencers, for parties interested in doing business with student athletes and influencers, or for colleges and universities, visit

UREPZ is a full-service platform for self-expression and marketing. It is a platform where individuals and companies can manage, enhance, market and monetize their NIL rights or personal brand in a protected, supported and transparent environment. Learn more and register today at

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