Aretha Capital Partners announces the launch of, a global integrated real estate buying and investing platform

08/09/2021 8:22 PM IS

New Delhi [India]Aug 9 (ANI / NewsVoir): Aretha Capital Partners, a leading investment firm with a strong passion for the consumer experience, announced the launch of – a unique integrated platform for global property buying and investing.
With the aim of democratizing the retail real estate industry worldwide, the brand is committed to eliminating unwarranted friction that retail buyers face in multiple stages and reducing costs and fees for these buyers by 50-75%. currently lists properties and investment opportunities in India, major European markets and the UK with an updated valuation that is exactly the same for any buyer from around the world. More identification and fulfillment skills will be developed, and new features will continue to be added over time.
This need for integration is serious and has not been taken into account for a long time. The critical gaps in the industry regarding multiple price points for the same asset, high fees and costs, and largely offline fulfillment have created a bubble of confusion and further delayed the decision-making process.
It is expected that over 100 million people will buy their own home at home or abroad in this decade, more than half of them in emerging markets. promises these buyers a seamless experience. In addition, alternative investments in real estate are now becoming the focus of most portfolios. will bring hundreds of verified investment opportunities directly to consumers from around the world.
Commenting on the launch of this integrated solution, Ashish Saraff, Founder and CEO of said, “I’m excited to announce the launch of as we know we can do real estate around the world by simplifying processes Eliminate frictional losses and drastically reduce costs for consumers. Over the years, every time a buyer wants to invest in a property, they face the daunting task of dealing with multiple stakeholders, resulting in hundreds of conversations That are Time-Consuming and Significantly Avoidable In First Focus, we are driving this process differently at Although it’s just beginning, I am confident that Novyy will transform the property buying and investing process for the better and deliver thousands of fees and charges to consumers Will save costs. Not all costs are visible and we would like to change this for consumers er. Over time we will continue to build skills so that once you get to Novyy you don’t have to be anywhere else. “
He added: “In addition to consumers, our goal is to bring individual office agents back on par with bigger players. Lots of small businesses in all industries are losing their jobs and we want to work to keep the real estate workers in business ”by being their inventory supplier, back office and marketing support while they focus on sales and revenue. In an ever-challenging economic environment, we want the last thing we want small businesses to lose their jobs. We see this as significant. Opportunity and we have tried this model in many countries, albeit on a very small scale. We will now scale this proven model. This initiative further helps our potential consumers seek local assistance while those who are savvy can purchase anything online. “ is building a fully integrated platform for buying and investing real estate that:
Facilitate smooth property purchase and investment transactions.
Provide a level playing field for single office agents to compete with national and multinational corporations; and
Save thousands of fees and costs for consumers.
The platform currently offers opportunities in Cyprus, Greece, India and Portugal and is constantly expanding its horizons to other countries around the world. currently lists over a hundred projects including:
Wyndham Grand Algarve – Portugal
O’Living Lisbon – Portugal
Stone villas in Preveza – Greece
Mahindra Alcove Mumbai – India
Godrej South Estate New Delhi – India
More information about Novyy can be found at:
Aretha Capital Partners is a UK based investment company focused on real estate investing and wealth management in Europe. The company is aimed at global investors who wish to invest in European real estate either directly or through the company’s investment vehicles.
Our investment strategies are carefully thought out by putting the interests of investors first at every opportunity.
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