Artis Real Estate Investment Trust Announces Publication of 2020 ESG Report

WINNIPEG, MB, June 1, 2021 / CNW / – Artis Real Estate Investment Trust (“Artis” or the “REIT”) (TSX: AX.UN) today announced the release of its annual environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) report, the a Update on update the REIT’s ESG practices, policies and goals and highlight the progress made in 2020.

“I am excited to share Artis’ annual ESG report with our stakeholders, which shows our commitment to make ESG a core part of our future vision and strategy for Artis. My goal is to create and nurture an environment in which ESG is embedded in the structure of our business and is an integral part of our daily operations and culture – a true ESG oriented company, “said Samir Manji, President and CEO of Artis. “This extends beyond our boards of directors, officers and employees to our investment decisions and our role with many stakeholders and the wider community. We will strive to be sustainability leaders and maintain a high standard of ESG awareness and best-in-class – Demonstrate practices. ” and look forward to demonstrating our commitment through continuous review, transparency and performance. “

Selected highlights from Artis’s 2020 ESG report include:

  • Diversification in the Board of Trustees, including 57% female representation and 29% representation of blacks, indigenous peoples and people of color
  • Diversification across the organization, including 67% women in C-suite positions and 50% women across the company
  • Adoption of improved board mandates, committee charter, position descriptions and various governance guidelines
  • Implementation of an improved code of conduct and ethics, whistleblower protection guideline and insider trading and blackout guideline
  • Achieved or sustained certification of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (“LEED”) for 15 properties, Building Owners and Managers Association (“BOMA”), Building Environmental Standards (“BEST”) for 17 properties, and Energy Star for 20 properties
  • Implementation of new software for analysis, reporting and reduction of consumption in the portfolio
  • Recognition as one of Canada Top small and medium employers and Manitobas Top employer for 2020
  • Prioritizing employee health and wellness initiatives, including healthy lifestyle challenges and webinars related to stress and personal finance management, to provide support and connectivity in a year of unprecedented change related to the COVID-19 pandemic

A copy of the ESG report can be found on Artis’ website at:


Artis is a diversified Canadian real estate fund with a portfolio of industrial, office and retail real estate in properties Canada and The United States. Artis’ vision is to build a world class wealth management and investment platform focused on increasing net asset value per share and distributions for investors through value investing in real estate.

SOURCE Artis Real Estate Investment Trust

For more information: Please contact Mr. Samir Manji, Chief Executive Officer or Ms. Heather Nikkel, Vice-President – Investor Relations of the REIT at 1.204.947.1250

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