Big Rapids softball league announces recent standings

Races start to get hot

Photo by John RaffelJohannes Raffel,

4th August 2021

Big Rapids Men’s Softball Association Tables

Coed subdivision

Mercers Misfits (coach David Mercer / Jenn Juras) 10-1; Remax (Joe McNally) 7-3; Rabbit Buds (Bernadette Fuller) 6-6; Big Rapids Products 2-9.

Coed Oberliga

Remus Repair / Michael A. Tawney & Co. PC (Jimmy Haywood) 13-1; Tanotra (Art Young) 9-4; BR dealers (Dan Horan, Josh Young) 6-4; Doyle Forest Products (Ian McClachian / Mike Heiss Jr.) 6-4; Great Plains Farms (Richard Cargill) 1-11; Bad decisions (Tammy Spring / Dennis Cook) 1-12.

Men’s Oberliga

Huntey’s Clubhouse (Shane Prince / John Zocco) 5-2; Babb Ford (Dan Horan / Josh Young) 2-5.

Middle class men

Bow cast (Bradley Johnson / Steve Cook) 5-2; Lunchtime Balls (Rob Bentley) 8-4; Ventra Evart (Jimmy Haywood / Jack Wilson) 6-3; BWW / Big Rapids Tires (Lee Yarrington / Martellis Eastling (5-5); US Patriots (Jeff Thorne) 1-6

Lower league of men

Lookup / Sam’s Disposal (Mark Moore) 10-6; RC Church of the Nazarene (Pete Strom) 9-8; Jets FBI 9-8; C&B Print (Bill Harris) 6-12

John Raffel is from Big Rapids and holds a BS degree from Ferris. He is an active member of the Lutheran Church.