Burt Polson’s Real Estate in the Napa Valley: Revolutionize real estate with tokens | Burt Polson

Real estate investment tokenization has yet to be registered as tax-exempt security.

Nevertheless, new regulations open the door to non-accredited investors as well as investors worldwide. It also turns what was an illiquid asset in the past into an easily tradable one.

The non-fungible token (NFT)

Mainstream media news explodes in digital NFTs with the sale of a digital artwork that sells for $ 69 million.

The buyer essentially bought the digital token on the Ethereum blockchain that represents the JPEG of the digital art.

The buyer’s only right is to view and sell the art. Like physical art, they don’t own copyright, but now NFTs have an easily interchangeable art form.

Something that is presented as “fungible” or “non-fungible” comes from the realm of law.

A fungible asset is interchangeable with another same but separate asset. Commodities, stocks, or dollars are good examples.

Examples of non-fungible assets include art, diamonds, collector’s cars, and real estate – no two are alike.

NFTs are trendy and highly speculative.

You can buy a short video clip of your favorite NBA player making a good shot, famous tweet, or the latest meme as an NFT.