Canadian Commercial Real Estate Industry Offers Support to National Vaccination Efforts

The Canadian commercial real estate industry offers support for national vaccination efforts

Canada NewsWire

TORONTO, January 20, 2021

TORONTO, January 20, 2021 / CNW / – REALPAC and its affiliates are pleased to announce an industry initiative to support the national vaccination rollout by providing governments and health networks in all areas Canada with the free use of free commercial areas (such as retail areas in shopping centers, large boxes, conference centers, hotels, industrial plants, parking lots and office buildings) for use as vaccination stations.

“We see hospitals face increasingly fragile scenarios every day, with the provision of vital services being suspended in order to divert resources for the COVID-19 response effort,” he said Michael Brooks, CEO, REALPAC. “We also understand that for governments Canada to successfully vaccinate its population by the intended September 2021 A very regulated approach has to be chosen. “

In cooperation with its member organizations, REALPAC has taken an initiative to identify unused commercial real estate Canada, To be made available to governments and health networks free of charge to support the logistical rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. The aim is to provide an easily scalable portfolio of real estate assets that can be part of it Canada Distribution network to support the country’s vaccine mobilization efforts. As the BBC reports, a similar process is successful in the UK, where the government is converting spaces such as convention centers and halls as vaccination clinics.

REALPAC has received the support of numerous CEOs, CFOs and COOs in its membership to participate in this initiative. These property owners are large national operators with significant coast-to-coast real estate assets, ready and willing to loan free space to the government.

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Participating members confirmed at this point include:

“Activating vacant properties as clinics for vaccination or other medical services could reduce the logistical burden on hospitals and health care facilities,” added Brooks. “REALPAC members are keen to work with the government to use their unused spaces as vaccination stations or storage for vaccines, vital equipment and medical supplies, which could greatly aid the introduction of vaccination.”

REALPAC welcomes the opportunity to discuss this initiative with governments, policy makers, public health officials and health networks, and to direct inquiries to our participating members.

The commercial real estate industry continues to seek to work with governments and healthcare networks to identify areas where space is needed and serve their needs to the best of their ability. The industry would also like to thank governments, health care providers and frontline workers for their continued efforts in helping Canadians through this pandemic.

REALPAC was founded in 1970 and is the national leadership association dedicated to promoting the long-term vitality of Canada Real estate sector. Our members include listed real estate companies, real estate investment trusts (REITs), pension funds, private companies, fund managers, asset managers, developers, government real estate agencies, lenders, investment dealers, brokers, consultants / data providers, large corporate general contractors and international members. Our members represent all asset classes in Canada – Office, retail, industry, apartment, hotel, retirement home – from coast to coast, to coast.