CAPRE Rebrands as Integrated Media and Marketing Firm for Commercial Real Estate

HOBOKEN, NJ – (BUSINESS WIRE) – CAPRE, a leading provider of events in the commercial real estate sector with a focus on digital infrastructure, today announced its rebranding as a full-service integrated advertising, marketing and analytics company. With extensive industry knowledge, CAPRE offers advice and research on market trends as well as custom virtual events.

Due to the shutdown of the pandemic in March and the major shift in the prioritization of media and marketing by companies, CAPRE has evolved from serving customers with personal events to high-quality, integrated virtual conferences and meetings. With a proven formula for creating an engaging, interactive experience for attendees, they successfully create online events that work for businesses that previously had no concerns about virtually engaging with customers. With an abundance of resources and unparalleled market knowledge, especially in the digital infrastructure space, CAPRE is able to position virtual platforms that cover both broad and specialized topics to give customers a huge presence in their niche.

“We are excited about our new offering to meet the needs of our customers in this new environment,” said Brian Klebash, Senior Consultant, Small Business Services CRE at CAPRE. “We had to think about what makes a conference or webinar useful now, and how the growth of Virtual will change the event space in the future. It’s exciting to find a way and help our clients navigate this new normal, reach out to a global audience and think about including virtual in their strategy now and in the future. ”

Klebash continued, “Many of our customers, although initially hesitant, have found significant value in our high quality virtual platform. Customers develop meaningful relationships in this virtual format – in many cases, virtual was more effective than face-to-face meetings. We’re organizing a high-level, high-production webinar that is both engaging, informative and connects a global audience. ”

Brian founded CAPRE in 2010 after working for traditional media and B2B companies in New York shortly after the Great Recession, when traditional print publishers were changing. CAPRE presented its first data center panel in May 2010, followed by its first full-day conference – the New York Data Center Summit in November 2011, which will serve as a benchmark for executives of real estate and technology infrastructures in data centers for the ninth time. CAPRE has received awards for its industry leadership, including the 2017 and 2019 Platinum Heart Award given by Leadership Logic Consulting and the Allied Testing & Commissioning Council, and an AATC University Board of Regents award for its National Data Center Summit Series.


CAPRE is a digital media, events and consulting company that specializes in digital infrastructure and commercial real estate. CAPRE organizes the International Data Center Series, the New Jersey CRE Series and I-REV, among others. The CAPRE website offers a comprehensive collection of news from our events, sponsors and experts. CAPRE-TV is a free and paid video service with highlights and full-length panels from our world-famous events. CAPRE is known for its original content, industry research and enabling significant networking opportunities across digital infrastructure and the various types of commercial real estate.