Capstone Companies joins forces with Denver-based CRE Firm, Nexus Commercial Realty

“We couldn’t be more excited to join Capstone and expand its western market presence. The whole conversation about this collaboration started with our afar admiration for Capstone, and we quickly realized our cultural and operational focus. We saw Capstone’s success as a rapidly expanding one As a private company in an industry with the same public competition, we’ve found a lot of similarities and opportunities among us in the West, “said Riddle.

Riddle has 14 years of commercial real estate experience specializing in multi-family property brokerage, strategic investments and 1031 exchanges. During his career, Riddle has personally completed more than 500 transactions in the multi-housing sector.

Koch has also been in the commercial real estate industry for 14 years and has extensive brokerage and consulting experience in the areas of garden-style multi-family assets, condominium portfolios, value-added assets, distressed properties, short sales, vacancy, loan acceptance, note purchases and portfolio sales. In total, Jason has completed transactions between different multi-housing types valued at over $ 500 million.

“One of the main attractions at Capstone is their firm leadership. We have very similar leadership styles and the culture and values ​​they have developed reflect what we have built on internally as a company,” said Koch. “By combining our market coverage, industry relationships and team skills, we firmly believe that the whole is more than the sum of its parts.”

With this latest addition of two offices, Capstone aims to further consolidate its position as the largest private multi-family investment distributor in the country and one of the most respected and fastest growing commercial real estate agents in the country. In 2020 alone, Capstone sold over 21,000 units and opened three new offices: Atlanta, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City. In addition, the company expanded its service offering with the introduction of its Equity Solutions platform.

Brian FordCapstone Co-Founder and Managing Partner added, “Capstone is always focused on how we can grow and improve our business for the benefit of our customers and our existing team, and we are confident that this partnership will achieve both of the goals of the Nexus team We have achieved enormous success in our industry so far, and we only see an upward trend in our common future.

Riddle added, “This expansion will add significant value to our loyal customers. It will help them grow in several new markets across the country and add additional service capabilities such as larger institutional assets, land sales, prefabricated homes and stock solutions.”

Capstone Companies was founded in 2008 and has consistently maintained its exclusive focus on multi-housing brokerage as well as the rapid growth and expansion of its service lines in the commercial real estate industry. Since its inception, the company has grown to become the nation’s largest privately owned multi-family broker, hitting the top 10 nationwide in multi-family sales, and closing deals in 35 states with over 80,000 units sold. Capstone provides brokerage and advisory services to clients in the private, public, institutional and nonprofit sectors with expertise in various types of apartment buildings, including conventional housing, student housing, affordable housing, prefabricated houses, apartment buildings, and capital placement. In addition to Charlotte, Denver, Colorado Springs, Atlanta, Oklahoma City, and TulsaThe company also has offices in Cincinnati, Columbus, Nashville, Orlando, Tampa, and Richmond.

SOURCE Capstone Company