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Symbiotic relationships can be a fascinating thing to study in nature. In business life too, Symbiosis can help both business owners and their customers benefit from the best of both worlds. One such relationship exists at 133 E. Hancock St. in downtown Milledgeville, where ReMax United Alliance and Charlie Company LLC serve a full spectrum of real estate needs.

“Tenants don’t always turn into buyers, but often,” said Charlie Adams, Charlie Company owner and broker and associate broker at ReMax United Alliance.

By offering both Charlie Company’s property management services and ReMax United Alliance’s property sales services in a single store, the two companies can assist clients every step of the way, including renting, buying, selling or renting their property to one other person.

Adams explains that sometimes a property owner wants to sell their home, but if the timing isn’t quite right to get the best possible price, the owner can rent the property in the meantime. Adams and his employees at Charlie Company can oversee property management for the owner and still allow the owner to make a profit on the rental.

“At this point it is quality of life for them because they can continue to earn money but don’t have to live with the stress. This is my job, ”said Adams.

If an owner believes the time is right to sell their property, they can seamlessly move on to the ReMax United Alliance sales team to get the job done.

“It’s just a great way to keep customers and homes in-house,” said Adams.

With a background in graphic design, Adams started working in real estate in 2004. He got to know the various real estate agents in town and felt called to obtain a license for the profession himself. He decided to use his naturally laid-back personality as inspiration for the kind of agent he would become himself. Adams said different customers respond to different personality styles and he found customers who responded to his calm approach.

“I like that low pressure attitude,” said Adams. “If you just need someone to trust, be it in sales or property management, I’m your bilberry.”

Adams founded the Charlie Company in 2016, by which time his colleague Jim Fain had obtained his broker license with ReMax United Alliance in Gray and decided to open an office in Milledgeville. Adams and Fain set up a joint office on Log Cabin Road. About a year later, an opportunity allowed the two to relocate their businesses downtown on the corner of Hancock and Jefferson.

“Jim discovered it would be available soon and immediately contacted the owner,” said Adams. “He came up to me and said, ‘Hey, we’re moving. I hope you want to go with me ‘”

The two companies settled at the new location in 2017 and really enjoyed the advantages of the historic building. Not only do they use the customer meeting space for both companies, but they also take great pleasure in sharing the space for community events like the popular Polar Express on Milledgeville Main Street and field trips for St. Stephens Day School.

“Not only does it have a lot of history, it also has a lot of appeal for today,” said Adams of the building. “We just want to share it with people.”

Adams is involved in both deals, and while selling real estate for ReMax across the state, he keeps his list of 63 rental properties for the Charlie Company closer to home.

“I like to be where I can drive past places and check on them and watch them closely,” said Adams.

In all areas of business, Adams said it is important to get to know people and understand their needs and preferences. This was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure that both owners and customers are familiar with all applicable procedures before showing anyone a home.

The pandemic also brought some new challenges as some college students delayed signing leases while waiting to see what the fall semester would be like. Adams said he and his staff could adjust and minimize vacancies to ensure the owners he works with aren’t negatively impacted.

Despite the challenges, Adams feels that he has found a good job for himself. He is grateful for his partnership with Fain and enjoys helping people while still maintaining the flexibility he needs to be present for his wife and three sons.

“I’m not answering anyone or anyone at the same time,” said Adams. “But it feels good to know that I’m in charge for better or for worse.”

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