Coldest Night of the Year surpasses fundraising goal for Parkland Food Bank

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More than 150 participants from across the Tri-Region have come together for the coldest night of the year.

The annual fundraiser for Parkland Food Bank took place on February 20 and raised a total of $ 65,401. The event began with a virtual opening ceremony with commentary from Parkland Food Bank’s Chairman, Craig Curran-Morton, and General Manager, Sheri Ratsoy.

The residents took part in the virtual walkathon, in which a total of 30 teams and 183 hikers from the entire Tri-Region took part. They also had over 831 different donors for this year’s event.

“Twenty-twenty was our 35th year serving Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, and Parkland Counties. We look forward to being here for as long as we are needed. So if that’s another 20, 30, 40 years we’ll be here to do that, ”said Ratsoy. “Twenty-one will be a year of planning, dreaming, and making sure we are set up to continue serving those in need in the future.”

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On-site attendees completed the fundraising walkathon at various times over the weekend, including Friday evening, Saturday all day, and Sunday all day, while distancing themselves, wearing masks, and following all health protocols.

Curran-Morton made welcoming comments on the virtual opening ceremony, which was posted online through the Coldest Night of the Year website and the Parkland Food Bank Facebook page.

“Your donations this year will help provide better access to better quality baskets, more food in the baskets, and better operations for the Parkland Food Bank,” said Curran-Morton.

Attendees and donors have helped surpass this year’s fundraising goal of $ 55,000 for the Parkland Food Bank. Curran noted the team effort of everyone involved and thanked everyone for their contributions and on-site support.

One of those teams that walked Saturday afternoon was Team ReMax Preferred Choice, which took first place in team fundraising for $ 7,589.84, while Team Grove ATBer’s Debbie Dueck-Bjorkquist was for a total of $ 7,589.84 Took first place in individual fundraising for $ 2,321.91.

“We are very happy to collect donations for people in need in the community and are happy to give something back to the community as an office,” said Becca Duiker, team captain. “Our goal was $ 4,000 and we exceeded $ 7,300. I am very proud of what our office did this year. It is wonderful.”

The 12-person team from the entire Tri-Region with more than 80 sponsors ran a total of five kilometers on Saturday afternoon. They also had several teammates in Edmonton joining the event virtually.

“With Covid-19 and the challenges that come with it, more people are starving, more in need and more affected by poverty than ever,” said Brenda Hawryluk, co-owner of ReMax Preferred Choice. “So it is time that everyone must surely be part of the solution and help.”

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