Coldwell Banker Commercial Alliance gets acquired by Terry Kilakos & Merav Marciano

Terry KilakosThe President of North East intends to expand the service offering to North East’s large customer base by providing commercial real estate services under the Coldwell Banker name, a global real estate pillar with over 100 years of existence and a solid reputation. His agency is currently ranked as one of the top brokers in Quebec in relation to mortgage financing. It also provides residential real estate, financial and notary services under one roof. KIlakos intends to keep both North East and CBC Alliance as independent agencies but will encourage collaboration and create a synergetic relationship between the two power plants to complement each other. “As a serial entrepreneur, I am always keen to develop my business and offer a wider range of services that are requested by our customer base,” said Kilakos.

Kilakos and his partner have a weekly show on CJAD called The Real Estate Show that discusses various topics related to real estate in depth. His reputation, industry knowledge and talent for business development are seen as a great asset to the CBC Alliance, an already successful agency with a team of experienced trade brokers. He along with his partner Merav Marciano Are you planning to put a light on this successful agency and take it to a new level in the real estate world. “We are very excited to be working with a group of seasoned trading agents who have made a name for themselves in the industry,” said Marciano.

Both the CBC Alliance and North East are located in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec and transactions over Quebec, while Canada and even in some parts of The United States.

SOURCE North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency

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