Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: Huntington National Bank’s Tim Kalil

Every year the Midwest Real Estate News elects a new class to their Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. Last year was no exception. Here’s a look at one of those new hires, Tim Kalil, now a senior managing director at Huntington National Bank in Troy, Michigan. At the time of his induction into our Hall of Fame, Kalil was a director of the Commercial Real Estate Group for TCF Bank in Detroit.

Banking is in Tim Kalil’s blood. The veteran of commercial finance grew up in a banking family. And Kalil himself now has more than 28 years of experience in the banking world, 25 of them in commercial real estate finance.

Kalil is now Senior Managing Director at Huntington National Bank in Troy, Michigan, a position he took up in July this year. Previously at TCF Bank, he led commercial real estate teams in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Cleveland providing construction, bridging, short term, acquisition and repositioning loans for commercial real estate.

“I enjoy helping build a successful commercial real estate portfolio,” said Kalil. “But it’s really about the people. I’m really happy to have such a great team. I enjoy the people I work for, who I work with and the many great real estate clients I have worked with over the years. “

Like most successful CRE professionals, Kalil relies on a steady stream of long-standing customers. Kalil has built relationships that date back to the mid-1990s.

“Someone I’ve worked with once said to one of our prospects, who has always remained loyal to me, ‘Our jobs are not about giving out good loans, it’s about building good relationships,'” Kalil said.

Kalil credits his banking family, especially his father, for serving as role models to follow in building his own career in commercial finance.

“At the beginning of my career, I followed a few simple pieces of advice from my father,” said Kalil. “The first was, ‘There is no magic formula for success, just hard work.’ The second read: ‘Always make difficult decisions as if your boss were sitting next to you.’ “

Kalil said it was also important to create teams made up of talented people with different views and experiences. He also says it’s important to build a culture that welcomes open, honest debate between team members and partners.

“Sometimes the best solutions we can find for our customers come from debates like this,” Kalil said.

Prior to joining TCF, Kalil led commercial real estate teams for Flagstar Bank, Fifth Third and Bank One.

Although he has built a busy career, Kalil has also found time to support his profession and community. He is a member of the ICSC and a board member of the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion.

Outside of work, Kalil says, he spends most of his time with his family. He says he is fortunate to have a wonderful wife, two active high school boys, and two dogs.

“Like most of us, 2020 has forced our family to slow down outside of our work lives and enjoy some of the simpler things,” he said.

That meant cooking together, being outside, walking the dogs and going on bike rides.