Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame: Signature Associates’ David Miller

Every year the Midwest Real Estate News inducts a new class into its Commercial Real Estate Hall of Fame. Despite its challenges, this year is no exception. Today we’re looking at the career of new employee David Miller, senior vice president and principal in the Southfield, Michigan office of Signature Associates.

David Miller has played a key role in some of the most important commercial real estate transactions in the Detroit area. This includes the seven years he has worked on the repositioning and leasing of Michigan’s tallest and most famous office tower.

Miller and a colleague worked on this project during the toughest times in Detroit history, working with property owners, facility management and marketing staff to replace a prime tenant and successfully reposition the nearly 1,000,000-square-foot building for sale.

That was a big deal. But it’s nowhere near the only deal Miller has completed in his 32-year career. This industry veteran has completed more than 1,400 transactions and worth more than $ 2 billion since 1988.

With numbers like this, it’s no surprise that Miller has won multiple industry awards. He has been named a Top Sales Professional by Signature Associates nine times and was named one of the best ONCOR broadcaster / co-broadcaster from 1996 to 2000. He has been named ONCOR Manager of the Year twice worldwide and CoStar Power Broker 13 times in a row.

What has Miller been doing in the commercial real estate business for more than three decades? He points out the constant challenge of creating opportunities for his customers. The job doesn’t get old as Miller takes on new transactions every year.

Miller pointed out a few transactions that are among his most memorable and enjoyable. These include the marketing and sale of the 400-acre, three-parcel Bobo Island resort complex in Ontario, Canada; Overseeing a statewide search that resulted in a 940 acre accumulation of land for a manufacturing facility; and of course working with a colleague to reposition and lease this 1 million square meter office tower.

“Most of all, I enjoyed working with clients and brokers on these and other assignments,” said Miller. “This business won’t get boring. It’s what you challenge yourself to make it. “

Miller took several steps to be successful in the commercial real estate industry. This includes getting involved with your company, your industry and your community. He has served as the SIOR president for the state of Michigan and volunteers on other committees in his community.

“I understood from the start that this was a golden rule business,” Miller said. “That applies to customers and competitors whom I refer to as ‘industrial colleagues’. When you do all you can every day for those you serve and with whom you work, you will benefit greatly and develop trust and cooperation. “