Commercial Real Estate Writing and PR Firm Brings Niche Focus to Underserved Market

Austin, Texas, January 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Creative Real Estate Copy (CREC), a US-based content writing and public relations firm, provides specialized services to the global commercial real estate (CRE) industry and its executives. Over the next decade, thought leadership and earned media will become increasingly important in building credibility, generating goodwill, building market share, and reducing the noise in social and digital marketing.

Paid media and traditional marketing channels, while still effective, are no longer sufficient to ensure continued growth and strong engagement with the public. The digitization of the media and the changing communication preferences of CRE professionals and prospects have contributed to the increasing importance of thought leadership and earned media.

In response, CREC has evolved to meet the dynamic needs of developers, operators, lenders, investors, asset managers and other stakeholders in the industry.

“There are very few writing and PR firms that understand the commercial real estate industry and its unique language and client base. ‘It’s not easy to write about CRE,’ most clients tell us. Many content and PR companies include CRE in the lists of industries they serve, but none other than us are dedicated to the task (which we know),” he said Kirky Galt, CEO and Creative Director of CREC.

Founded in 2016, CREC leverages its team of seasoned writers and PR strategists with CRE-specific experience to deliver significant value, simplicity, and ROI to industry organizations and executives. As a result of CREC’s proven performance and emphasis on customer experience, it serves well-known companies in the commercial real estate sector at home and abroad.

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