CRE PRO COURSE Lifts Veil to Earning $500,000 Yearly with ‘On Demand’ Commercial Real Estate Program.

Austin, Texas, May 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The CRE PRO course, a new, online real estate course that shares everything, lifts the veil of secrecy on a lucrative career that even real estate agents know little about – commercial real estate agents. “The truth is, commercial real estate agents are often hesitant or too busy sharing their secrets with newcomers,” he said Zach Roesingerthat together with Dan Lewkowiczfounded the CRE PRO course. “As a result, a surprisingly small number of CRE agents make up most of the commercial real estate business across the country.”

CRE PRO course

In contrast, 1.3 million real estate agents are competing for around one million apartments, a decrease of 26 percent compared to the previous year. “While only 50,000 commercial real estate agents are producing $ 400 billion sales volume every year, “said Roesinger.” There are clearly more than enough CRE stores to keep moving. We created the CRE PRO course to give our members the ‘insider’ tools, techniques, and access to a virtual community, including the exclusive LinkedIn member groups, to help them transition smoothly into a career in commercial real estate and enjoy more freedom and opportunities to earn money. “

According to Lewkowicz, commercial real estate agents earn on average $ 500,000 annually after five years. “While it only takes a real estate license without knowing the complexities, most new CRE agents are wasting years of earning potential,” he said. “The CRE PRO course is unlike any other online commercial real estate academy program. We hold nothing back! Every secret we’ve learned over 25 years is in an easy-to-understand, timely, and systematic commercial real estate course. Our goal is provide CRE PRO Members with the tools they need to earn $ 500,000 after just a few years instead of five. “

Lewkowicz believes that now is an ideal time for real estate agents to move into commercial real estate brokerage. “Not only are more investors piling capital into commercial assets, but CRE is one of the few asset classes that has held its value and appreciated even in turbulent economic times,” he said. “The CRE PRO course is perfect for agents who are tired of cold calling, work weekends, open days and falling commissions.”

He adds that the CRE PRO course is also designed for CRE brokerage houses without formal training programs. “Typically, new CRE agents are dumped unprepared because everyone is either too busy or unwilling to mentor them. The CRE PRO course provides owners with an on-demand, turnkey solution for properly training and mentoring new ones Agents. “

CRE PRO’s Roesinger and Lewkowicz add that it is also about freedom to become a CRE agent. “You can make your own hours, work anywhere, and market your services nationwide. Best of all, you have more time to spend with family, friends, and vacation $ 500,000 a year isn’t too shabby either. “

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