Dallas Investment Properties and Real Estate Outlook

If you are looking for one of the best places to invest in real estate, Dallas should be at the top of your list. In addition to being one of the most iconic cities in the United States, Dallas has quickly become a popular area for business as many businesses move to Dallas from more expensive locations like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

When looking for your next real estate investment, consider investing in Dallas.

Reasons to Invest in Dallas

Dallas is a beautiful city, full of recreational opportunities and resources, with plenty to do for residents and visitors alike. But as an investor, you are interested in the economy, population and rental prices – you can expect that.

Rent is cheaper

In some cities it makes more sense to rent than to buy, and Dallas is one of them. However, as an investor, you can make high profits if you are one of the landlords’ tenants. In addition, with a large rental pool it is easy to keep your investment property occupied, which is not an easy task in some areas.

Population is growing rapidly

In 2020 alone, the Dallas population grew a little over 1.5%, and this is excellent news for investors as many of those moving to Dallas are in need of rent. not all will be homebuyers. Since Dallas was also already a large city, the demand for housing will continue to rise with the larger population.

No income tax

One thing that draws people to the area is the lack of income taxes, across Texas, but there is also no local tax in Dallas, which means residents keep more of their paychecks and leave them with more money to cover expenses such as rent.

The employment rates are high

Dallas is a hub for activity in many industries, including startups. Entrepreneurs flock to the area for its resources (and lack of income taxes), but the location is also teeming with financial services, business services, and construction jobs.

Strong economy

Dallas remained strong in 2020, largely due to its large oil business, but other sectors contributed. The strong economy made it possible for more investors to buy houses in the area, which gave tenants plenty of options to choose between cheap apartments or more expensive single-family homes. In addition, the strong economy is attracting more and more people to the location, which means a continuing need for more rental properties.

Low cost of living

Tenants often flock to areas with low cost of living. It keeps their paychecks going and allows them to stay on track with their bills. Given the low cost of living in Dallas, it makes sense for investors to buy homes here and take care of the many people who flock to the area to enjoy the low cost of living.

The latest trends in investment property in Dallas

Home equity

Over the past year, Dallas homes are up 12.3%, and they’re not getting any slower. Investing in the area means you can hop on the train and ride the wave up. There’s nothing like instant appreciation and equity in a home you’ve invested in. Even if you only kept the house for a few years, you could get away with a decent profit.

Rental prices

Rental rates in Dallas have risen steadily over the years despite the pandemic. As a result, investors will see increasing rental income over the years in the long run. Rental rates in Dallas have risen faster than the national average and are on track to continue to do so for the next several years.


Right now, Dallas is a sellers market due to the lack of inventory. Buyers interested in purchasing an investment property in Dallas should use a service such as Roofstock Marketplace to find the best purchases in the area.

A seller’s market means homes sell quickly and typically for the top dollars, but partnering with a marketplace like Roofstock gives you early access to the hottest properties at the best prices so you can get active in Dallas.


In Texas and Dallas in particular, unemployment rates remain stable. While it is slightly above the national average at 6.5%, versus the national average of 5.8%, the unemployment rate today is half what it was in Dallas a year ago.

Median house price

The average price for homes in the Dallas area is around $ 291,000, which is an excellent price for investors looking to buy and hold. If values ​​rise, prices will only continue to rise. So if you invest now, you will become part of this increase in value and receive a reasonable return.

How to Find a Rental Property in Dallas

Once you’ve decided that Dallas is a place to invest in, it is time to find a Dallas rental property. Unfortunately, with the current top seller, buying a home is tough – you need to be strategic in your endeavors.

Here are some of the top ways to find a rental property in Dallas:

  • Check out the MLS – You have to jump on listings as soon as they happen. On average, houses sell in 24 days, but they have listings within a few days or sometimes a few hours. Unless you are a licensed real estate agent, you need to find one who will watch the MLS like a hawk for you so you can jump on deals that fall into your price range.
  • Hire a real estate agent – If you don’t want to do the legwork yourself, you can work with an experienced real estate agent who is knowledgeable about investment properties. Since you are an investor, look for different things in a property. You want a property that will attract a large audience and not just suit your tastes. However, working with a real estate agent can cost you more money as sellers have to factor in the agent’s commissions by increasing prices.
  • Sign up for Roofstock Marketplace – If you are looking for an investor only marketplace, Roofstock Marketplace has what you need. The marketplace works with buyers and sellers of investment properties. Anyone can browse the market for free, see properties in the Dallas area and learn all about it, including financial data, to make an informed decision.

What to look for in a rental property

When you are ready to buy a Dallas home for your rental property, knowing what to look for is important so that you get the most bang for your buck and increase your chance of regular cash flows and profits.

  • Reasonable rent in the area – First determine the average rent in the area. The rent you are asking is compared to the median market rent and you will struggle to get higher rents even if the house is better. Do your research to find out the average rent in the area so you know what you are dealing with.
  • Measure interest in the area – Not all locations are attractive to tenants. Look around and see how much of the area is tenants and how much is homeowner. You want a room with a large pool of tenants so that you have a larger audience to choose from when your house becomes vacant.
  • Check out the school reviews – Many renters have young children so school reviews are essential. Even if you don’t have children yet, plan to do so; they want a home in an area where they know they can send their children. Focus on areas with high school ratings.
  • Look at the crime rate – Areas with high crime rates have low rental prices. People don’t want to live where the crime is, so make sure you know the area and how safe it is before investing there.
  • Check out the amenities – Tenants want comfort. They want supermarkets, churches, schools, playgrounds, and shopping centers close by. You also enjoy easy access to motorways and public transport.

How Roofstock can help you find a property in Dallas

If you are looking for a rental property in Dallas, the Roofstock Marketplace can help. The Marketplace is unlike any other service available today. Whether you’re a first-time investor or have already done so, here’s what you can expect:

  • A wide range of properties is intended for investors. Many of the houses have tenants on active leases. When you buy the property, you buy it with the tenants and become an instant landlord with instant cash flow.
  • Access to all the essential information you need to make an investment decision. Roofstock evaluates all the figures, researches and provides you with the details. You can search the marketplace yourself to see what information is on offer, to see how easy it is to make an investment decision.
  • An easy to use website. Nobody wants a website that is difficult to use. Buying a home is frustrating enough, and when you have to navigate the technology too, it gets frustrating. The Roofstock website is easy to navigate and you can quickly find the information you need.
  • Roofstock charges low prices. Buyers can browse the marketplace for free. Once you’ve bid on a home and it’s accepted, Roofstock will charge 0.5% of the sale price or $ 500, whichever is greater. This is much lower than real estate agent fees, which means you will likely get a home at a lower price and it will have tenants.
  • Information about the current tenants and the lease. Before buying a property with tenants, you need to know the rental terms, the tenant’s payment habits and everything else about it. Roofstock gets all of this information for buyers before they even list it on their website.
  • Roofstock certifies real estate. They don’t list all of the property sellers they come to them with – they just list the properties that pass the Roofstock certification process, which means the house is in good condition, its finances are transparent, and the tenants are trustworthy.

The bottom line

Dallas is currently a real estate hotspot, especially for investors. With prices continuing to rise, now is the perfect time to jump on board. Whether you’ve never invested before or have already invested, this is a great area to start making money and monthly cash flow.

Roofstock always offers a wide variety of Dallas properties. So check back often to see what properties are available. Even if you live halfway across the country, Roofstock can match you with a property management company that handles the day-to-day running of renting a property. All you have to do is collect a check and enjoy your monthly cash flow.