Destroyer attacks two companies on Marco Island

Marco Island

Two Marco Island business owners were shocked and forced to repair after the devastating attack earlier this week.

They feel lucky that nothing was stolen, but the general manager of Your CBD Store said the doors would stay on board for some time due to delivery bottlenecks. It also costs $ 1,000 to repair.

Now that your CBD store hasn’t been the only success in business, the question now arises who is targeting them.

A surveillance video from Your CBD Store on North Collier Boulevard shows two teenagers appear to have broken early Tuesday.

“What are these kids doing on Marco Island? Go back to school! ”Said General Manager Stacy Bull.

When she started work on Tuesday, she found the door broken and the glass everywhere. She recorded a video showing her anger at someone who breaks the glass with a stone.

“It’s not a stone, it’s a strange stone! How do you throw it and why are you doing it in our shop? “

She thinks it was on purpose.

“That means who does it – on Marco Island!”

Angel Di Fazio, an associate alongside ReMax, suggested the same vandal may have hit his business as well. He found that the doorknob was broken behind them and fell to the ground on Tuesday.

“Anyone who does this is shameful. The truth is, be ashamed of them. I hope your hands will fall. It’s terrible, ”said Diffagio.

“This behavior bothers us all because it’s a great place to live. You’re hurting it. “

The third store was hit early Tuesday, but this time it’s on its way to the Golden Gate Estate. A surveillance video shows two people breaking into an A1A liquor store. According to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the pair went on sale for nearly $ 600 in liquor.

Bull wants everyone involved in these crimes to be caught.

“Everyone else wants to catch these kids, not just small business owners and residents of Marco Island, so that something like this doesn’t happen again.”

CCSO said the detective is investigating whether the liquor store heist is somehow related to the invasion of your CBD store.