Do Bryan and Sarah Baeumler still own lake house featured on ‘Renovation, Inc.’?

Long before embarking on their massive and ambitious project to renovate an old, ramshackle hotel in the Bahamas in the luxury hotspot Caerula Mar Club on HGTV hit show “Renovation Island,” the Baeumlers took on another equally stressful and frightening one Project on – building their own lakeside home in Georgian Bay. Bryan Baeumler always dreamed of having his own home on the lake, and when the opportunity arose to buy property on Georgian Bay, he didn’t wait to take it.

As her family grew, with the addition of their fourth child, baby Lincoln, Bryan felt it was right to have a lakeside home they could escape to at any time. Unfortunately, the land he bought was very close to his parents’ cottage in the area. This created some tension between Bryan and his wife Sarah Baeumler, which was documented on their new show ‘Renovation, Inc .: The Lake House’. The couple eventually put their differences aside and began work on building their dream home by the lake.


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Do Bryan and Sarah Baeumler still own the lake house?

Season 2 of “Renovation, Inc.” will focus on Bryan and Sarah working hard to complete construction of their lake house. If you feel a sense of déjà vu watching the show, while the couple get into multiple fights and they race against time to realize their dream project, then you are not wrong as ‘Renovation Island’ contains similar elements too.

The good news, however, is that Bryan and Sarah successfully completed their dream project and it worked out fine for them! So if you are wondering whether Bryan and Sarah still own their dream home by the lake and are curious about the details of the lake house, then you’ve come to the right place. But before we get into the current ownership status of the lake house, let’s take a look at the amazing features of the lake house lot.

The stunning contemporary style cottage has a 110-foot span of floor-to-ceiling wood-framed glass windows and doors at the front of the cottage and an expansive deck for enjoying the sunsets. The house-wide glass railing deck is possibly one of the largest of its kind in Georgian Bay, Parry Sound reported. The lake house also has three separate living pods, the children’s room, the master bedroom with its own bathroom and a communal area consisting of kitchen, living room and dining area.

The outdoor terrace of the lake house, which is featured in “Renovation, Inc .: The Lake House” (HGTV (

“We have been coming here to my parents’ house since I was 10 years old. My parents’ property actually surrounds the property of our house. When I was a kid, we used to go to this property and sit on the rocks, hunt snakes, and go to the beaver ponds on my parents’ property beyond. I would say, ‘Someday when I grow up this would be the perfect place to build a house.’ Finally one day came. A man had a hunting camp here and began to build a place. Unfortunately he passed away and it belonged to his son. I went to him a few years later and asked if he wanted to make a deal. At first he said no. Then he called me back and I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, ”Bryan explained to the point of sale.

So does the Seehaus still own the Baumer? Well, it may surprise many that the dreamy lakeside home was put up for sale at Gary Phillips by The Phillips Team Cottage Real Estate, ReMax Parry Sound-Muskoka Realty Ltd., Brokerage, for $ 1,850,000 in 2017. We couldn’t find any information as to whether the lake house is still on the market or not. But it seems that the Baeumlers are keen to sell their property as they are currently busy commuting between the Bahamas and Florida. “Sarah and I sat down and talked about it. It’s a shame not to have used and enjoyed such a beautiful place. Last year I think I only stood there for seven or eight nights. When my parents got older, we decided to help we bought the family house so my two brothers and their families can enjoy it and we still have a place if we want to get to the bay. The house we built is such a beautiful place. It deserves one Family with children who will just love it, “said Bryan, explaining the reasons for the big decision to sell their property.

Sarah and Bryan Baeumler build their dream lakeside home at ‘Renovation, Inc .: The Lake House’ (HGTV)

Renovation, Inc .: The Lake House Season 2 airs every Sunday at 9/8 a.m. on HGTV.

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