Dundas 711 York Rd. possible sale not yet confirmed

Details of a potential sale of 711 York Rd. And plans for the under-construction Pleasant View lot are not yet known.

“My client is a very private individual and has asked us to keep the details confidential,” said Michelle Franchino, ReMax Escarpment Realty sales representative.

The sales list was removed after two months on May 12th. A transfer of ownership was not recorded in the property on Monday morning May 25th.

The nearly four-acre property went up for sale in March for $ 589,900. It was valued at $ 38,500 for 2021.

In March, Hamilton City officials mistakenly applied a site-specific exemption that they believed would allow development on the property after a provisional control law banning new developments in the area expired in the fall. The agent was advised that the land was open to development and the incorrect information was used in the listing.

The Niagara Escarpment Commission directed the city to align the zoning of the property with the Niagara Escarpment Plan, which limits redevelopment in Pleasant View to at least 10 acres.

This correction is part of a draft report from the city’s Pleasant View Land Use Study due for release in June for community feedback.

Hamilton’s planners received inquiries about 711 York Rd. Last month, but no one identified themselves as the owner or agent of the owner.

Conservation Halton, which regulates portions of 711 and 715 York Rd., Received general inquiries about both locations but received no conceptual proposals or formal planning or development requests.

The owner of 715 York began clearing a road through 711 to their property in February 2020, another issue that is expected to be part of the city’s land use study. MMSA Marketing Inc. purchased 715 York for $ 75,000 in January 2020.

The City of Hamilton bought 10 Newman Rd. For $ 2 as part of a settlement after falsely obtaining building permits and approving the site plan for a single family home on the property.

Determining values ​​for properties like 711 and 715 York and 10 Newman is difficult because they have no traditional value – they cannot be developed. Their only value are natural links between Cootes Paradise and the Niagara escarpment.



If 711 and 715 York were to be combined into one property, it would be too small to meet the minimum development requirements.