Eastern area real estate transactions for the week of Feb. 21, 2021


Excalibur REP 01 LP sold property in 765 Greensburg Pike for USD 30,000 to Pittsburgh Real Estate Invest Group LLC.


Joseph Malone’s estate sold properties at 828 Beulah Road to Robert and Judith Yulfo for $ 124,900.

Sonja Austin sold properties at 47 Holland Road to Thomas and Diane Santucci for $ 290,000.

Mary Callender sold property at 142 Kingsdale Road to Evan Luis Adams for $ 214,500.


George Gould Jr. sold property at 164 Gordon Street to Robert Zacharias for $ 160,000.


HKM Property Investors LLC sold properties on Roosevelt Ave. 5844-5846 to Rachel Ferri for $ 75,000.

Forest mountains

Wayne Reusch sold properties on 241 Avenue B to Blake Joseph and Ashleigh Restelli for $ 132,000.

The Carl Fuhrman estate sold real estate at 431 Edgewood Road to Michael and Nancy Nalitz for $ 173,500.


Joseph Shimko sold real estate on Cleveland Ave. 32 to Tyler Welts and Anna Testa for $ 119,500.


Edward Culberston’s estate sold 427 Colonial Drive to Colin and Hannah Freyvogel for $ 170,000.

Glenn Rozeck sold property at 156 Edgemeade Drive for $ 305,000 to James Wilton.

Timberdale Capital LLC sold properties on 219 Garden City Drive for $ 179,500 to Segavepo LLC.

Lars Gilbertson sold property at 228 Garden City Drive to Huong Nguyen for $ 135,000.

The Robert Kooser estate sold a property on 304 Garden City Drive for $ 137,000 to Segavepo LLC.

Christie Girouard sold a property at 146 Glenwood Drive to Daniel Biondi Jr. for $ 182,000.

Dwight Hackett sold property at 511 Larix Road to Anthony Hampton for $ 130,000.

Pittsburgh Bathtub Refinishing LLC sold property on 200 McMasters Drive to Wendy Reeves for $ 218,500.

Salvatore Sheffo Jr. sold properties at 223 Noel Drive to Christopher and Hope Clemens for $ 151,000.

The estate of Kenneth Fung sold properties at 119 Penn Lear Drive for $ 210,000 to Meerim Moldavlieva and Maksat Osmonov.

Estate of Wayne Scholar sold property at 2170 Ramsey Road to Ryan Wayne Stover for $ 224,900.


The John Torrance Jr. estate sold Harrison City Road properties to Hillstone Village Development LP for $ 1,000,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 3312 Hills Church Road to Family Realty Pittsburgh LLC for $ 55,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 3312 Hills Church Road to Family Realty Pittsburgh LLC for $ 55,900.

David Mayernik sold property at 4099 Manor Oaks Courtt to Paul and Lacey Gionta for $ 155,000.

Theodore Livingstine sold property at 3516 McWilliams Road to Michael Kimmel and Heather Metro for $ 297,000.

Misty Lynne Cauthen sold property at 258 Rainprint Lane to Shane Healey for $ 150,000.

Abdul Khan sold property at 3057-3509 Regent Court for $ 350,000 to Very Abodes LLC.

Billie Jo Zorich sold property at 2315 Wheatland Circle for $ 305,000 to Allison Silvestri.

North Huntingdon

Joan Gongaware’s estate sold properties on Collins Ave. 10795 for $ 80,000 to Laura Morgan.

Ryan Neel sold property on 9858 Deerfield Drive to Nancy Ann Whitley for $ 200,000.

John Ed III sold property at 10031 Edgewood Court for $ 489,900 to David and Michelle Lassley.

Craig Yurchison sold properties at 141 Falcon Ridge Drive for $ 359,000 to Antonietta Fiorentino and Patricia DiSasio.

The John Shondel Estate sold property on 521 Greenfield Court to Debra Shondel for $ 120,000.

Charles Michael Jeffers sold property on Richard Road in 1258 for $ 183,000 to Justin and Shannon Denney.


Brooks & Blair Homes Oakmont LLC sold properties at 4 Allegheny Ave. to Hiran and Susan Fernando for $ 1,211,397.

Routes 63 & 113 Harleysille LLC sold property at 507 Allegheny Ave. for $ 500,000 to the Oakmont Community Foundation.

Kathleen Shutt sold property on 261 Commons Drive to Mary Ryan for $ 177,000.

Penn Hills

Rachel Tribley sold property at 938 Seventh St. to Avid Holdings 1801 LLC for $ 27,200.

The Kenneth Wagner estate sold properties at 129 Ange Drive for $ 90,000 to Steven and Rebecca Grabill.

Ian Volkwein sold property at 5622 Bower Ave. to Robert Davide and Kelly Mullen for $ 178,100.

Frank Gilberti III sold property at 119 Castle Drive for $ 137,500 to Jonathan and Constance Gamble.

Kimberly DiPietro sold properties at 828 Cedarwood Drive to Matthew Ryan and Karel Andreina Bogolin for $ 161,000.

Donald Macaulay II sold property at 152 Courtney Drive to Robert Anderson for $ 85,000.

Atkins Dianna Johnson sold a property at 127 Elias Drive to Kayla Reese for $ 100,000.

Bob’s Auto Sales & Service LLC sold property at 9900 Frankstown Road to RLP Holdings LLC for $ 100,000.

Udi Schwager sold property at 438 Jefferson Road to Alfa Property Holdings LLC for $ 135,000.

Savithri Udupa sold property on 401 Macbeth Drive for $ 107,000 to Robert Giancola Jr.

William Earl Vaughn’s estate sold property at 118 Mckenzie Drive to Doresa Brown for $ 132,000.

Deborah Gerhardt sold property at 213 Milliken Ave. to Barsa Holdings 201 LLC for $ 9,520.

Won Bin Young sold property at 7510 Mt. Carmel Road to Akisha Benton for $ 106,000.

Udi Schwager sold property at 84 Orin Street to Alfa Property Holdings LLC for $ 98,000.

Udi Schwager sold property at 314 Penn Vista Drive for $ 98,000 to Alfa Property Holdings LLC.

Robert Stanton Jr. sold a property at 122 Quail Drive to Elite Realty LLC for $ 26,024.

Jesse Todd sold property on 58 Rushmore Drive to Dillon Collins for $ 305,000.

Edward Mejia sold properties at 558 St. Clair Drive for $ 175,000 to Kelvin Morris and Marissa Louise Gill.

7 Eleven Inc. sold property at 6106 Saltsburg Road to Miramar Brands PA Holdings LLC for $ 1,460,000.

The Judith Zerebnick Estate sold properties at 205 Veronica Drive for $ 116,000 to Ibrahim and Lisa Marie Akardas.

Albert Morwitz’s estate sold property at 260 Yosemite Drive for $ 170,000 to Wayne Phelps Jr.

Penn Township

Agate Housing LLC sold property at 224 McWilliams Road to Eighteen North Holdings LLC for $ 85,000.

Rivendell Development LP sold property at 1055-1057 Moria Court to NVR Inc. for $ 92,000.

NVR Inc. sold property at 1019 Rohan Court to Kathryn Maropis for $ 287,615.

RWS Development RC LTD sold properties on 1003 Skyline Drive for $ 75,000 to Sardar Muhammad Gul and Nighat Muhammad.

Blackthorn Investors LLC sold St. Andrews Court properties to NVR Inc. for $ 75,000

Christopher Kistler sold properties at 1012 Sweetgum Court to Dennis and Angel Boles for $ 375,355.

Domenic Greco sold Trail Side Court property to Colette Kimon for $ 273,000 in 2007.

NVR Inc. sold properties on 1092 Wedgewood Drive for $ 457,070 to Eric and Santana Mechtenberg.


Akler Hadas Stein sold property at 523 Second St. to Alfa Property Holdings LLC for $ 75,000.

Pinchas Stein sold property at 615 Third St. to Alfa Property Holdings LLC for $ 75,000.

DA & KR LLC sold properties at 808 Brinton Ave. for USD 75,000 to Project One Pittsburgh LLC.

Housing & Urban Development sold properties at 301 Highland Ave. for $ 25,000 to Sergio Afanador.


Joseph Ringer sold properties at 635 Blue Ridge Road to David and Chelsea Humberston for $ 179,900.

Carl Guttilla sold properties at 866 Blue Ridge Road for $ 133,000 to Patrick and Brittani Nichole Dowling.

Juan Alba sold properties on 506 Cresthaven Drive for $ 307,000 to Chad Stubbs and Jodi Conley.

Robert Morrow sold property at 315 Elicker Road for $ 270,000 to Robert and Jillian Morrow.

Housing & Urban Development sold property at 3215 Franklin Drive to Michelle Jimenez for $ 24,700.

Joseph Barr sold properties on 811 Key West Drive for $ 165,000 to Michael and Rachel Dreher.

Matthew Collins sold a property at 9037 Oak St. to Michelle Lynn Baacke for $ 94,500.

Zokaites Properties LLC sold 206 Olivia Drive property to Maronda Homes Inc. for $ 133,000

Alexandru Lasco sold property on 744 Providence Drive for $ 219,000 to Justin Keilman.

Donna Ufert sold a property at 7990 Saltsburg Road to John Curry LLC for $ 35,000.

The Paul Barbour estate sold a lot at 4548 Sardis Road to Jamal Jursari Woodson for $ 85,000.

Terrence Thomas sold a property at 106 Sherrie Drive to Ethan Leisure for $ 154,000.


Emily Gomez sold property at 7929 Lloyd Ave. to Aubrey Thompson for $ 175,000.

Dylan Mahaffey sold real estate at 7932 Union Ave. to Jennifer Hempen for USD 108,500.

2669 LLC sold property at 2669 Woodstock Ave. to Elena Furaeva for USD 82,000.

Triple Ds Estate LLC sold properties at 2701 Woodstock Ave. to Torin & Associates LLC for $ 115,000.


ABW Properties LLC sold property at 855 Eighth St. to Shiamier Snipes for $ 3,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 341 Short St. to RejuvaHouse Construction for $ 21,500.

Turtle Creek

The Nick Bucceroni estate sold a property at 922 James St. to Elite Realty LLC for $ 20,000.

David Morrow sold property at 415 Larimer Ave. to Larimer Trust # 415 for $ 25,000.


Pennymac Loan Services LLC sold property at 115 Semmens St. to Cristian Marcel Ilut for $ 22,800.

Wilkins RE LLC sold property on 3410 William Penn Highway to JRJB Realty Corp for $ 1,440,000.


Rebekah Shriver sold property at 839 Ardmore Blvd. to MT & SS Investment Inc. for $ 15,000.

Janet Frontera sold properties at 7338 Beacon Hill Drive for $ 130,000 to Jonathan and Blanche Coley.

Neville Lawrence sold property in Chalfant St. in 2001 for $ 70,000 to Mark and Joanne Vesci.

Michael Carroll sold property at 439 Peebles St. to James Marino for $ 157,000.

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