Elite Loan Advisers CEO Sam Martinez Shares 3 Key Tips for Real Estate Investors

Sam Martinez knows the real estate world pretty well. Sam is the current CEO of the Direct Lending Bank’s Elite Loan Advisers and has extensive real-world experience of real estate investing truths on the part of the lender. He has formulated some key tips for investors that mainstream real estate gurus, while well-intentioned, may not often mention. Read more about these important tips for real estate investors below.

Don’t underestimate the funding

According to Sam, the funding part of a business can do a lot of bad and bad can do very good. Professional real estate investors are often inconsistent with a property’s financing options, which can make a big difference in terms of bottom line results.

Don’t underestimate a good lender

Unfortunately, some loan professionals can be short-sighted and for-profit, which means that the customer ends up paying the price by not getting the best loan product and terms. A focus for any serious real estate investor should be to have a lender in their corner who understands multiple types of credit, not just one, and can help develop the most beneficial loan structure for the situation at hand.

Be aware of all of your loan options

Many investors may have their own routine that can consist of a fix-and-flip hard cash loan or a standard loan with coverage ratio for debt services. According to Sam, there are even more variations on these loans that can be far more accommodating but are rarely used as it is up to the loan professional involved to know how to use them for maximum customer benefit. This can take the form of a lower interest rate, shorter repayment period, and easier access to rehab funds. Customers shouldn’t be afraid to discuss this with their lender, and if the lender is unfamiliar with the various loan terms, they may find another lender.

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