Elite Partners real estate group launches commercial division

ROCKVILLE – Re / Max Gold Elite Partners announced Thursday that it has established a commercial division that will expand the company’s operational presence and capabilities across the state.

The Carmen Gray team is solely focused on commercial real estate, wineries / wineries and luxury real estate and includes business sales.

Elite Partners has grown since its resumption in 2018 and has assembled a core team of 21 agents who execute transactions valued at $ 129 million annually, the company reports.

The founding partners Don McDonald and Donovan Schemke had the vision of creating a central marketing function that would enable the agents to stand out from the crowd and to form the Elite Partners team under the Re / Max Gold umbrella and offer their customers the best possible representation and marketing for the entire property spectrum.

“There are many demands on a single agent or team. You need to be able to give them a sense of partnership while understanding that every transaction is different, “McDonald said in a press release. “We work together to fulfill the customer engagement, even if it means that we have to bring in another expert from the pool of our partners. The aim is to complete every transaction for our customers efficiently and effectively. Every customer knows that they are our top priority. “

“We are pleased to have Carmen Gray and Peter Gray as managing partners of Elite Partners’ commercial division,” said Schemke in the press release. “This enables Elite Partners to deliver the same high-end marketing expertise to the commercial real estate sector that we are known for in the residential real estate sector.

“Commercial transactions are much more complex than your average residential business,” said Schemke in the press release. “Carmen and Peter are often involved in private and confidential assignments and transactions, especially when it comes to an operational business, while at the same time working to achieve marketing and negotiating success on behalf of the customer. Customers appreciate how Carmen and Peter understand the delicate balance. “

Carmen Gray’s background includes a company history, company sales, team management, luxury income real estate and a degree in intercultural communication, according to the press release. This has enhanced their ability to think outside the box and focus on maximizing the return on investment for their real estate clients. She is also known for her collaborative working style within and between corporate organizations, teams, vendors and customers.

“The real estate landscape is changing rapidly and you need a multi-dimensional approach to meet each client’s needs,” Gray said in the press release. “The complexity behind the scenes of some of our customer transactions requires a team approach. We pride ourselves on working with relevant experts in all areas to achieve our clients’ goals. Integrity is essential, trust and transparency are the key. “

Peter Gray has been a professional corporate executive and fractional chief operating officer for clients for more than 17 years. He’s helping his clients grow their business and eventually turn them into independently viable assets that can be operated without them when needed, the press release said. This ensures that the company can get the maximum possible rating if the owner comes to the exit. . . even if this “exit” is merely a transfer of ownership to the next generation of the family or to important employees / managers.

“Many real estate and business transactions can be emotional, even in the business world. This can be an emotional ordeal, especially if clients have spent a large part of their lives building their investment portfolio or business, “said Peter Gray in the press release. “It makes me happy to help them go through the process they are facing, regardless of what stage of the owner lifecycle they are in.

“Whether it’s helping the team with commercial real estate or helping clients exit business, doing a comparable market analysis prior to a formal valuation by a specialist outside professional, or finding a part of the executive to step in and accelerate business growth before getting out, I’m here to help, “said Peter Gray in the press release. “A question I like to ask is, ‘If you were to step away from your business now, would it be able to survive and thrive without you?’ The answer always says a lot to me. “