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Brooke Wohlrabe Above: Brantley Drever, 4, tries to putt on the mini golf course near Fairmont Aquatic Park. Nine new holes have recently been added to the course.

FAIRMONT – Nine new holes were recently added to the Fairmont mini golf course, just in time for summer. The course, located next to the Fairmont Aquatic Park, now has 18 unique holes.

The course was made possible by the Kids Just Want to Have Fun committee, which is a sub-committee of the Project 1590 group. The aim of the committee is to create unique activities and opportunities for the youth of the region.

The mini golf course was opened in September 2019 with nine holes. The groundbreaking ceremony for the second nine took place in September 2020.

“We broke ground before winter and then we had to wait for the snow to melt and then they started the rest.” said Laura Olsen. Olsen chairs the committee, although she said the committee members all share responsibilities fairly evenly.

Each hole on the course was funded by a different company or person. Olsen said they advertised in local newspapers through social media and letters to the editor. The sponsorships were awarded according to the first-come-first-serve principle.

“The first nine went very quickly and when we decided to add the second nine they went pretty quickly too.” said Olsen.

Companies sponsoring the new nine holes include Beemer Companies, Baha Gutter, Lund Chiropractic Clinic, Valero, Hawkins Chevrolet, Edman and Edman Law, Remax, Fairmont Hearing, and Fairmont Body Shop.

Anyone interested in mini golf can use putters and balls for free. They can be picked up at Graffiti Corner, the Holiday Inn, the Fairmont CER Office, the Martin County Library-Fairmont, Summer Outdoors and the Fairmont Aquatic Park.

Olsen said the honor system has worked well so far.

On June 18th there will be a big reopening for the course from 5am with a ribbon cutting ceremony at 6.30am.

“We kind of connect with the Fairmont Youth Triathlon. We will support them and help with the event. For both events we sponsored food trucks that will be in front of the Aquatic Park. “ said Olsen.

Olsen said the committee is trying to work more together within the community.

“There are so many ways to work together and I think people don’t do it enough. Our group is really looking for opportunities to work together and support other groups. “ said Olsen.

As for the group, Olsen said it had been an odd year with Covid with lots of virtual meetings and group texts to get the nine holes going.

“We have made up our minds that after this is done and we have our celebration, we will focus on getting our annual events up and running again.” Olsen explained.

Two major fundraising drives by the group are the father-daughter dance, which usually takes place in February, and a mother-and-son event, which takes place in the fall. Olsen said they hope to have the latter event later this year.

“We are quite dependent on donations and sponsoring”, said Olsen.

The funds raised during these two events will go to the group’s account. Other projects the committee has completed include the indoor play area at the Fives Lakes Center.

With the miniature golf course completed and the focus on the return of the annual fundraiser, the group is still looking for ideas to provide more activities and opportunities for the youth.

“We will definitely consider another project” said Olsen with a laugh.

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