Financial Freedom Guru, OG Fox Reveals Tips For Investing in Real Estate During The Pandemic

Fear of the unknown and lack of appropriate knowledge, inexperienced investors hold back during this completely understandable pandemic. With that in mind, Fox Real Estate Agent and Advisor is dedicated to helping people make the right investment decisions. He does this with the lessons he has learned from several years of investing and gaining financial freedom. He also does so in the role of a former award-winning franchisee with an excellent track record with some of the leading brands in the fast food industry including Kahala Foods, Mrs. Fields Famous Brands and Subway. From here, Fox rose to become the founder of Real Estate Ballers Inc.

When asked if people should invest in real estate during the COVID-19 pandemic, Fox offers, “I suggest to all of my clients that the buy and hold method continues to apply. If the numbers work and your funding is solid, I’ll say go! As for house flipping, I advise my beginners and newbies to pause this strategy as no one really knows where house prices will end up after the pandemic. ”Fox ‘openly teaches its clients best practices of financial freedom. He strongly believes that the powers that control the education system and ensure that the tools necessary for financial independence are deliberately left out. Fortunately for him, he found a way out through real estate and property investments and has been passionate about helping people get out of the hellhole of debt ever since.

Fox began his real estate journey in 1997 when he bought his first home. When he realized he had more than 100,000 equity just a few years later, a lightbulb went out. He started investing in real estate and has not looked back since. With over 20 years of experience in the real estate market, as a broker, investor and consultant, he has acquired a large pool of relevant knowledge and carried out thousands of real estate transactions. He eventually carved out a niche for himself as an instructor in financial literacy and business processes. Fox warns people, however, that he teaches the kind of financial freedom that allows one to spend extravagantly and pursue a materialistic lifestyle. This model will take you from the slave of your job to the slave of your vanity. In his words: “I promote the kind of financial freedom that enables people to have more time for a life based on their personal interests such as travel, culture or art.”

Although Fox has helped many people, he’s still passionate about helping more. He achieved this through a real estate bootcamp organized by business partner Welby Accely in collaboration with Real Estate Ballers Inc. in Monroe, CT. Participants learned not only the dos and don’ts of real estate flipping, but also how to maximize profitability. Commenting on the practicality of the program, Fox said, “We have enabled participants to work with us to do their own business. We then went the extra mile and showed attendees to our lender’s office to make sure their transactions were funded. Fox firmly believes that such an achievement is unprecedented in the history of real estate education. Because of his strong passion, Fox looks forward to imparting so much practical knowledge to people who want to break free.

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