Focus and Marketing Key Aspects of The Agency

Various ‘The Agency’ Managing Partners at the recent launch event for The Agency Seattle

VICTORIA – Managing Partner and owner of TheAgency‘s BC and Seattle real estate offices, including Victoria’s head office, Jason Binab focuses on one thing: Focus.

“Real estate agents and staff in my offices are encouraged to be their best selves in real estate and beyond,” says Binab, who has been in the real estate industry in Victoria for 17 years and opened The Agency in 2018. “I aim to empower all of our agents to continue to learn and get out there to offer an experience of luxury caliber at every price point.”

Managing Partner at The Agency, Jason Binab

“As a Realtor, you can hang your license at a big brokerage and do great, but for us, we aim to foster a collaborative environment where we can celebrate each other’s wins and inspire each other to reach the next level in their career,” he adds “This is why we keep our brokerage a little smaller and are selective with who joins our team.”

Along with focus is marketing, of which Binab knows much as host of the hit TV show Design District, he filmed three episodes for the international real estate show What’s For Sale With A View on Netflixand Rides With A Realtor on YouTube.

“Another huge pillar of our brokerage and what I feel sets us apart is our marketing,” he notes. “All of our agents are empowered with the strength of The Agency’s marketing. The brand is bold and recognizable. People see our signs or our hats and it often starts a conversation. The power of a strong, unique and recognizable brand has been so key for us.”

The Agency’s visual content is noteworthy.

Mauricio Umansky and Jason Binab at the launch of The Agency in Seattle

“We work alongside Platinum Creative, the premier photography and videography studio, to create best-in-the-industry content,” he says. “They exclusively work with us to ensure all of our listings receive a red carpet debut.”

2021 was the office’s biggest year yet, and Binab notes The Agency now has over 50 offices throughout the world. The Agency fosters a very strong community between all of its offices.

“The key to my success has been my mindset and I have fostered that energy into my offices leading to their success as well,” he states. “That, along with my team of like-minded, hardworking and dedicated individuals. We couldn’t be where we are today without all of their efforts and stewardship of the brand.

“I try to wake up every day and think, ‘how can I do 1% better than I did yesterday?’ and then I get up and get after it.”