for-sale land behind Rushmore Crossing covered with trash

RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – Rushmore Crossing in Rapid City is constantly littered with trash.

This is rubbish that you can hear and see on this piece of land along Eglin Street. Hundreds of plastic bags are spread across the vacant property. The land is adjacent to several shops and across from the Rushmore Crossing Mall.

So who is responsible for the garbage?

“This gets into our water system,” said Laura Armstrong, president of Rapid City Council. “That gets into our water system. There are animals that actually ingest this. It is not good for animals to take it in. It gets into our food supply. This is our community. “

Black Hills FOX NEWS alerted Armstrong to the situation. She is the President of the Rapid City Council.

If you own a piece of land, you must keep it free of waste under the city law.

According to Armstrong, this isn’t the first time this property has received a complaint.

“A formal complaint was filed back in November and it has been resolved,” said Armstrong. “We rely on citizens and the media to inform us when there is a problem, because if we don’t know about it, we cannot help.”

As you can hear this place is like a wind tunnel. We blew a lot of things around, not just plastic bags. “

Including auto parts, gas tanks, and even blankets. Workers in the area say they saw homeless people camping on the property.

So who will determine if a property is against the law?

There are only three police officers in all of Rapid City who respond to complaints of this type.

Armstrong says that’s not enough. She pushes for more.

Councilor Bill Evans says code enforcement officers will begin investigating an issue after a complaint is filed.

“There has to be a formal complaint. People will investigate and see if they can be brought into agreement. If not, the city cannot start acting, ”said Evans.

There are several sales signs on the property. The listed real estate company is Remax Results. We have tried and are waiting for an answer.

City officials tell us they are now investigating this property.

This is also one of the many places we are investigating in the area that has a lot of trash.

Armstrong said the area around Rushmore Crossing will be a big focal point for the upcoming city-wide cleanup event. It is scheduled for April 24th.

Hundreds of volunteers will be heading to parks and neighborhoods in Rapid City to pick up trash.

“We didn’t have a last year because of COVID,” Armstrong said. “There is two years of rubbish that has peaked in this particular area and is even younger to get into that area and clean it up.”

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