Fort Worth project will use familiar metal huts for new homes and commercial buildings

A new mixed-use project in Fort Worth plans to use a well-known building product in an undoubtedly creative way.

For years, builders have reused old steel shipping containers for everything from apartments to offices to shop windows. Now a Fort Worth residential and commercial development will use prefabricated Quonset metal smelters to build a project south of downtown.

The proposed project is located at 1200 6th Avenue near West Rosedale Street and near the Fort Worth Medical District.

The Detroit-based developer Prince Concepts plans to build eight residential units, three offices and two storefronts from the prefabricated buildings.

The structures in the PS1200 development will be assembled around an 8,000 square meter park.

The development is planned with residential and commercial space.(Prince concepts)

“I am excited to bring the Prince Concepts development philosophy and place-making to my home state of Texas,” said Philip Kaa, President of Prince Concepts, in a statement. “PS1200 is our third development project using the Quonset Hut as a tool to provide quality space, and it brings together the most successful elements of all of our previous projects in Detroit.

“PS1200 thoughtfully combines public green spaces, inspired homes, commercial and office space – and provides a place where the Fort Worth community can live, work, meet and meet to experience urbanity, architecture and landscape.”

Quonset huts were first made in the USA in 1941 and are corrugated iron buildings made from curved profiles.

The structures were widely used by the U.S. military during World War II and used for everything from crew barracks to aircraft hangars. After the war, the iconic structures were used for commercial and retail buildings, warehouses, barns, garages and many other purposes.

At home in Detroit, Prince Concepts has used the metal smelters in residential and commercial projects.

The company’s new Fort Worth project is being designed by Marlon Blackwell Architects and DIRT Studio’s landscape architect Julie Bargmann together with architect Studio Outside.

Three Quonset cabin buildings will house the eight residential units with 20-foot ceilings and glass walls that overlook the park.

A 5,500 square meter office wing and retail space will also be provided with glass facades.

A vegan restaurant planned by the makers of the popular Spiral Diner as well as an ice cream and donut shop are also planned for the new building.

PS1200 is slated to open in October.

One of Prince Concepts' projects in Detroit.One of Prince Concepts’ projects in Detroit.(Prince concepts)