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For newly minted real estate agents, an exciting level of enthusiasm drives them to set goals, make connections and eventually land a sale. But when they face challenges—and all agents do face challenges at some point or another—confusion and uncertainty can seep in. It happens to all of us at some point, but it always presents an opportunity to learn and grow and an opportunity for brokers to inspire their agents to push forward.

As we approach a change in the market, a challenge we all face, it’s the perfect time for agents to lean on their brokers to provide opportunities to boost their education and enhance their knowledge through impactful training. By taking this time in the industry to go back over the basics of what it means to be an effective agent, your brokerage can see a solid foundation of communication be set in place.

Here are a few ways that training opportunities can help boost your team’s confidence and inspire them to excel no matter what the market is going through.

Boost productivity

Real estate agent training can teach valuable skills that are sometimes overlooked. One particular skill that can be enhanced is time management, helping your agents get more done every day. Training your agents in better time management can help them organize their day so that everything they do is on track to close more deals and meet more potential clients.

Better communication skills

It’s no secret that real estate agents need excellent communication skills in order to work well with clients. And it’s not just about speaking; it’s about being reachable and responsive as well. The right training can help your agents learn how to communicate effectively and consistently, whether it’s in person, over the phone, through email, social media or other forms of communication.

The value of coaching and mentoring

One of the most important things you can do for your real estate business is to offer coaching and mentoring. A real estate coach helps boost accountability in your agents and provides an opportunity to make a plan for your business. Coaches guide your agents through the highs and lows while making sure you stay on top of skill-building, day-to-day operations and lead generation. Invest in a program that offers the professional development, insight and support agents deserve so they can work smarter and move your business forward.

Retaining top talent

When you provide educational programs, such as ongoing webinars provided at HomeSmart International, you’re showing that you care about your agents’ development and skills. This in turn builds trust between agent and broker and inspires them to look for opportunities to take chances, ask questions and succeed.

Provide educational programs that go over the MLS, a CMA, holding an open house, marketing tips for new agents and the presentation to buyers and sellers. Schedule workshops or open forums where your agents discuss a challenge and brainstorm new ideas and solutions.

Whether it’s pay, technology or support, today’s high-producing agents come with a certain set of expectations. But another part that keeps agents satisfied and learning is the chance to consistently refresh their skills and find new ways to serve their clients. When you offer your agents the option to continue their education, you’re really investing in your future as a business owner and industry leader.

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