How Michael and David Ligon Became the Flip Kings of Miami Real Estate

When it comes to real estate in Miami, two different names come to mind: Michael and David Ligon. These brothers, collectively known as The Ligon Brothers, are Miami’s hottest real estate investors. With over fifteen years of experience in home flipping and real estate investing, these two gurus have left their mark on real estate in South Florida. The Ligon Brothers have now focused on teaching others how to find financial freedom through real estate investments. You are the creators of a new unique method for real estate wholesale called LYNK Wholesaling.

What is traditional wholesale?

In traditional wholesale, an investor seeks a motivated seller and tries to get his property under contract for purchase. When they successfully sign the property, the wholesaler tries to find a cash buyer to sell the property to. A wholesaler’s goal is not to actually buy the property, but rather to flip the contract to someone who closes the deal. When done correctly, the wholesaler, acting as a middleman, makes a profit.

The problem with traditional wholesale is that you need real estate to sell. Finding motivated salespeople can be very costly. To find sellers, most wholesalers create some marketing campaigns. For example, they can send mass mailers, place ads online, or buy bus bank ads that read “We’re buying houses”. As with any marketing, these techniques cost money. Because of the costs associated with traditional wholesale, many individuals cannot attempt to become an investor. The Ligon Brothers saw a problem here and fixed it with their LYNK system.

What is LYNK Wholesale?

LYNK Wholesaling is a unique real estate wholesale method that anyone can start their journey to become a real estate investor. You don’t need money, credit or experience to get your first deal on LYNKEN. This method is often referred to as the “Amazon for Real Estate Investment”. When Amazon started its business, it didn’t have its own inventory. They would take other people’s inventory and sell those products to interested buyers. The Ligon Brother modeled this concept with the so-called “Amazon money model”.

Your system starts with other investors’ inventory. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on marketing, you can leverage the existing successful framework and connect traditional wholesalers with end buyers for their businesses. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

As a traditional wholesaler, your ultimate goal is to sell stores. As mentioned earlier, these properties cost money to buy. So you have to sell them if you get one. As a LYNK wholesaler, you support the wholesaler in selling his business and benefit as an intermediary without spending a cent on marketing. This new method offers everyone the opportunity to start their career as a real estate investor. It’s the stepping stone with which the Ligon Brothers built a real estate empire.

“The best starting point is LYNK,” says Michael Ligon. “Start LYNKing Deals and then after a few dollars in marketing you can work your way up to traditional wholesale. Once you’ve been in wholesale for a while, it’s time to get into fix-n-flips and rentals. This is the easiest blueprint for success! If we did, so can you. “

To learn more about the Ligon Brothers and their award-winning coaching programs, visit the Ligon Brothers online and follow them on social media @LigonBrothers.

Published on April 10, 2021