How Real Estate or Timeshares Can Fast-Track Elite Status

Whether or not you qualified for elite hotel status last year, there is other ways to get it. One of them is rather unorthodox: real estate investment or vacation timeshare.

Let’s start with that in order to achieve elite hotel status, you shouldn’t be investing in real estate or a vacation home. That would be an expensive and inexpensive way to get it. However, if you’ve already considered investing money in hotel-related real estate or vacation programs, the offer for hotel elite status could move the needle.

More traditional ways to get the hotel elite

Real estate investments to accelerate the status of your hotel elite

Here are three different types of real estate investment or vacation rental programs that, along with your purchase, can speed up the status of your hotel elite.

Andaz Turks & Caicos in Grace Bay (World of Hyatt)

Photo courtesy Andaz Turks & Caicos

Awards are being given to residential property buyers looking to invest in this stunning resort project in Grace Bay, recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world World of Hyatt Perks.

The Andaz Turks & Caicos in Grace Bay is still under construction and will be the first Caribbean-based Andaz property. As an incentive for buyers waiting for their vacation home, the developer awards top globalist status to buyers who enter into their sales and purchase contracts.

Buyers of studio and one-bedroom units are granted globalist status for one year, while buyers of two or more bedroom condominiums are granted two-year status. In addition, buyers receive a World of Hyatt points supply. Studio buyers receive a bonus of 50,000 points, while penthouse units receive 250,000 points.

With the property not slated to open until 2023, you can enjoy it Hyatt status in the meantime in other hotel properties.

Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, Maui (Hilton Honors)

Photo courtesy of Grand Wailea, a Waldorf Astoria Resort, Maui

This popular resort on the Hawaiian island of Maui offers a Membership program This gives guests a 30% discount on up to nine rooms or suites during their stay. Other advantages are discounts on the Ho’olei managed villas and residences Part of the resort as well as discounts on the room rate in the hotel.

Members also earn Hilton Honors Gold status after paying the one-time membership fee as well as the annual fee. It starts at $ 1,500 to join, and then has an annual fee of $ 225.

If you visit Grand Wailea regularly, membership in this program can result in significant discounts from the regular price, as well as savings on on-site grocery, beverage and spa purchases. With room rates often approaching $ 1,000 a night, if you’ve been to the island frequently with a 30% discount, you can recoup your membership costs relatively quickly.

Members with other trips could also benefit from staying with Hilton based on Honors Gold status. While the initial cost is high, the savings can more than make up for it over many years (especially for families who book multiple rooms year after year) as annual costs are low after the first year. Unless you plan on visiting Grand Wailea every year, membership makes less sense.

Hilton Grand Vacations (Hilton Honors)

Ocean Enclave of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Photo courtesy Hilton Grand Vacations

By participating Hilton Grand Vacations Clubcan be used by members Hilton honors gold or diamond status (depending on your membership level). This is a vacation ownership program that gives members access to vacation homes from trucks around the world. Suitable locations are Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Portugal, Scotland, and the continental United States.

Club members buy into the program at various levels and receive a certain number of ClubPoints, which they can redeem for reservations in truck properties at various locations.

In addition to the Vacation Club and its own membership levels, members receive annual Hilton Honors status (upon renewal of membership) that they can use on their regular trips to all Hilton Honors-participating hotel or resort. Those who join the Elite or Plus tier will receive Hilton Honors Gold status, while those who join the Premier tier will be given the top tier Diamond status of Hilton Honors.

Invest in real estate and enjoy hotel benefits

If you are already looking to invest in real estate or timeshare / vacation ownership, it may make sense to consider something that is packaged as part of the Elite status offering. While there are many ways to achieve hotel status without spending the night, this is an option, albeit an expensive one, that should be considered for a small group of travelers looking for added perks and already planning on spending.

All information about the Hilton honors American Express Aspire Card was collected independently from NerdWallet. The Hilton honors American Express Aspire Card is no longer available through NerdWallet.

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