How Top Realtors Are Marketing Their Brands at The Time of Covid19

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit an all-time high and it is because of this unprecedented calamity that the real estate market has suffered the worst blow. Given the existing guidelines on housing and the general slowdown in property exchange activity, realtors have begun to question their marketing tactics and have been forced to improvise in the current scenario.

With the top brokers continuing their business like nothing has happened, the COVID-19 situation has proven the effectiveness of online marketing.

From generating new leads to closing deals, the best brokers have now turned to digital marketing techniques to help them cope with these troubled times.

With that in mind, here are some real estate marketing tips that can help you improve your game at the time of COVID-19.

Organize virtual tours

When it comes to real estate marketing online, top realtors first advertise a property for sale using a virtual tour. While these virtual tours had popped up before the pandemic, but people were reluctant to leave their homes, this trend has accelerated its pace.

There are many software applications available that can help brokers create professional virtual home tours. After you’ve perfected your virtual reality tour, you can host it on your website, among other things.

Next, you need to make sure prospects are following your tours. This includes advertising on the right platforms, running email campaigns, hosting webinars, and other digital marketing strategies for promoting real estate.

As a broker, you can also have virtual open house which is a great alternative to its traditional counterpart.

Create real estate videos

This is another element to include in your marketing plan as a broker. We are all aware of the power of video marketing, but with the pandemic, it has become more of a necessity than a choice for most real estate agencies.

The possibilities of creating real estate videos are endless. For example, you can turn all of your real estate ads into videos to give your potential clients a good idea of ​​the real estate from the safety of their own homes. This will be further appreciated by your investors and tech-savvy buyers.

You can try making a variety of instructional videos that demonstrate your knowledge of the real estate market and its current conditions. It is a great idea to post them on YouTube. You can link these videos on your website and get leads from both platforms.

Host webinars

Everyone does this and they do this because it works. With all of your potential customers confined to their four walls of security, the only way to talk about your plans and offers is through webinars.

A lot of new companies have popped up in the last few months, offering great platforms for anyone looking to host a webinar or online workshops. You can easily interact with all of your invited viewers and they can reply either through chat boxes or by unmuting.

Getting your name out there is a necessity for a realtor as most of the leads you will ever receive come from your successful digital marketing campaigns.

Working on a social media marketing strategy

Posting content about your property on a platform like Facebook every now and then is not a marketing strategy.

To keep getting new leads, you need to keep your existing audience updated on new property listings, success stories, stories about your brand, your employees, and blog posts relevant to your business.

It is imperative to post regularly – every day, if not five times a day. Just posting a lot is like spamming your audience’s feed. You should try different social media platforms to increase your reach and viewership.

If getting there organically isn’t working for you, it is recommended that you run a massive Facebook video ad campaign – yes, they thrive.

Work on improving your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the leading marketing strategy these days. If implemented correctly, your website will rank higher on Google and your videos will rank higher on YouTube, so you will get more views and therefore more leads.

It is all the more important to stay up to date in order to keep up with the constantly changing ranking algorithms of Google and other search engines. Yes, keywords make up a big part of what we mean by SEO, but it goes way beyond that.
Other elements that will ensure your content ranks first in search results are online directories, social media pages, meta titles and descriptions, and, but not limited to, backlinks.

It’s also a good idea to keep the size of your content on the higher page (e.g. 1140-1285 words) to rank higher.

Enhance your email marketing strategy

Email campaigns are high on the list of things top brokers have resorted to in the COVID-19 era. These emails keep your subscribers from your website who have joined your mailing list informed of your new entries.

You can also run and review emails for your previous customers. These messages will be engraved on the minds of your real estate clients from time to time and you will become their point of contact whenever they want to buy, rent or sell a property.


It may be obvious that real estate activity was a success in 2020, but the top brokers improvised and made sure they stayed afloat. The best way to do this is to keep in touch with your past customers and digitize your business by going online. If you invest your resources in digital marketing strategies, your business will thrive a lot before everything normalizes, which may soon happen.