Humble and hungry: Lessons from the nation’s No. 1 real estate agent

On July 16, 2020, Century 21 Real Estate announced that Kyle Seyboth, the nation’s leading real estate agent *, has decided to join its 12-person team with Century 21 Real Estate. You will act as the CENTURY 21 The Seyboth Team Brokerage.

We sat down with Seyboth to understand how he has been successful and what makes him a tireless agent.

Inman: What can realtors learn from your experience as a leader in what is now # 1 real estate agent?

Seyboth: Start with the training. Familiarize yourself with your craft and really get to know the “game”. As athletes know, practicing the basics and mimicking people at the highest levels is a winning way to get to the top.

My main strategy was to combine great customer service with a thorough understanding of the markets I served. And that included the peculiarities of each place and the different types of property in each city. Too many people only focus on one thing. I wanted to be an expert in several things. I faced investors, buyers, sellers, heirs and lawyers and built the broadest possible network. I just wouldn’t let anything get in my way. I was adamant. My only mantra is, “Winners win”.

Inman: Do you think a broker can be as relentless as any real estate brokerage?

Seyboth: Honestly, I think you need both a brand and a broker who have a bit of unexpected ingenuity. It’s the outliers, who give 121% to personalizing relationships and pushing deals over the top, that really work.

Even as number 1 in the country, I had the feeling that I was not able to achieve my full potential with my previous company. I didn’t fit in and followed their business model. So make sure you choose a company that best suits your particular mindset and approach to business growth. With Century 21 Real Estate, for example, we were able to work together “a little bit of this and a little bit of it” and sprinkle it all with a twist to create a very individual model that works for both of us.

Inman: What is the right mindset to be successful in this industry?

Seyboth: To stay inspired in this crazy, competitive business you need to have the right mindset. For me, I firmly believe that I will never get “too high” or “too low”. I have bad days like everyone else. But at the end of the day, only you can turn a bad day into a good day. This is where the mindset comes in.

Inman: What would you say is the only quality that makes an agent successful? On the other hand, what can hinder him?

Seyboth: Humility. Many agents forget or lose their ability to be humble when they start making money. The biggest disadvantages for success are arrogance, arrogance and sophistication.

As I look at my career and my choices, humility has got me where I am today and will help me get where I want to be. It helps me perform; to open up to who I am and to offer customers open access to the “ins and outs” of what drives me and how my actions say more than my words. Customers appreciate the transparency and are drawn to the resulting level of enthusiasm, drive, determination and self-esteem. That way they feel more free to open up with me. They willingly share their pain points and concerns, and then I can deliver personalized, unique moments at every step of our long-term relationship.

Inman: What do you tell brokers who believe Century 21 Real Estate is an older brand that is no longer relevant?

Seyboth: Everyone has their own opinion. Here’s what I know about the CENTURY 21 brand: It’s a family of tireless sales professionals who go above and beyond on behalf of their customers. Let’s be honest: The CENTURY 21 brand is a traditional brand, and I have my own legacy that I have built and that needs to be continued. Century 21 Real Estate is the best option for this.

* According to The 2020 RealTrends and Tom Ferry The Thousand Ranking of July 6, 2020.