Iredell County real estate transactions: June 4-12 | Local News

From Village Real Estate Investments, LLC to D. Keck and R. Rising, 119 Steam Engine Drive, Unit 205, Mooresville, $ 230,000, June 4th.

From STDC1, LLC to O’Burns Holdings, LLC, Unit A16 of the Late Apex Storage Condominium, Mooresville, $ 255,000, June 4th.

By M. and M. and T. Elliott to the Zillow Homes Property Trust, lot 508 by Curtis Pond, 149 Saye Place, Mooresville, $ 339,000, June 4th.

By OP SPE TPA1, LLC to G. and K. Caldwell, Lot 17 of Harbor View, 111 Woodstork Cove Drive, Mooresville, $ 350,000 on June 4th.

By One Stop Renovations LLC to B. and D. Young, Lot 7-1 of the Clippers Run, 176 Sunfish Drive, Mooresville, $ 341,000, June 4th.

From STDC1, LLC to O’Terry Holdings, LLC, Units A17, C10, and C28 of the Late Apex Storage Condominium, Mooresville, $ 591,500, June 4th.

By E. Brewer / Indvl & Exr, L. Brewer / Est and J. Brewer / Est to S. Yancey and K. Newman, lot 121 of Allison Park, 840 Emerson Drive, Mooresville, $ 209,000, June 4.

From ARVM 5, LLC to CPI / Amherst SFR Program II Owner, LLC, two tracts, Lot 72 from The Hampshires, 118 W. Cavendish Drive, Mooresville, and Lot 23 from Doolie Meadows, 234 Kendra Drive, Mooresville, $ 879,000, on Jan. June.

By K. Coone / TR, Patsy Coone Revocable Trust, H. and H. Coone, Kenneth R. Coone Family Trust and Kenneth R. Coone Trust Agreement to Mile High Borrower1 (Income), LLC, Lot 78 by Water Oak on Lake Norman , 124 E. Decatur Ave., Mooresville, $ 290,000, June 7th.