Janus Henderson Expands Active ETF Offering with U.S. Real Estate ETF

DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Janus Henderson Group plc (NYSE / ASX: JHG) today announced the launch of the Janus Henderson US Real Estate ETF (JRE). Managed by portfolio managers Greg Kuhl, CFA, and Danny Greenberger, the fund seeks access to real estate stocks that will power the future of the sector, including cell towers, data centers, gaming REITs, cold stores and more, with no prejudice about style, property type, or market capitalization.

“Real estate offers attractive valuations, structural and long-term tailwinds for growth and offers investors protection from inflation. Real estate is an asset class with the potential to create significant shareholder value and compelling returns in the years to come, ”said Kuhl.

Janus Henderson has strong skills and track record in real estate stock portfolio management and an established global real estate team with more than $ 3 billion in assets under management worldwide as of March 31, 2021. The JRE Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a natural product extension based on the expertise of our Global Real Estate Equities team and the existing US real estate equity strategy.

“The supply and demand momentum in the real estate market is constantly evolving, making it an asset class where active management can add significant value to investors,” said Nick Cherney, Head of Exchange Traded Products at Janus Henderson. “Since many investors are underinvested in real estate, JRE Janus Henderson’s expertise in the asset class brings ETF investors who are looking for access to their diversification, their income, their inflation protection and their risk-adjusted return potential.”

For more information on the Janus Henderson US Real Estate ETF, please visit www.janushenderson.com.

About Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson Group (JHG) is a leading global active asset manager committed to helping investors achieve long-term financial goals through a wide range of investment solutions including stocks, fixed income, quantitative stocks, multi Asset and alternative asset class strategies.

As of March 31, 2021, Janus Henderson had approximately $ 405 billion under management, more than 2,000 employees, and offices in 25 cities worldwide. Headquartered in London, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

Investing involves risks, including possible capital losses and fluctuations in value. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. There is no guarantee that the stated goals will be achieved.

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OBJECTIVE: Janus Henderson US Real Estate ETF (JRE) seeks total return through a combination of capital appreciation and ongoing income.

Real estate securities, including real estate investment trusts (REITs), may be subject to additional risks, including interest rate, management, tax, economic, environmental and concentration risks.

Concentrated investments in a single sector, industry or region are more susceptible to factors influencing that group and may be more volatile than less concentrated investments or the market as a whole.

Actively managed portfolios may not produce the results intended. No investment strategy can secure a profit or eliminate the risk of loss.

The ETF is new and has less than a year of operating history.

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