Japan Real Estate Investment : Announcement of Receiving the ZEB Ready Certification (Daido Seimei Niigata Building)

January 31, 2022

For Immediate Release

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Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation

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Announcement of receipt of ZEB Ready certification

(Daido Seimei Niigata Building)

Japan Real Estate Investment Corporation (“JRE”) hereby announces that one of its properties, Daido Seimei Niigata Building, has received a ZEB* Ready certification as well as a 5-star certification from the Building-Housing Energy-Efficiency Labeling System (“BELS”), as described below.

This is the second ZEB-certified building in JRE’s portfolio.

Name of the property


certification rank

ZEB certification

Daido Seimei Niigata

Niigata City, Niigata


ZEB ready


Appraiser: The Building Center of Japan.

Daido Seimei Niigata Building


*A ZEB (Zero Energy Building) is a building aiming for a net zero energy balance, which is rated in 4 levels in the BELS certification system, ZEB, Nearly ZEB, ZEB Ready and ZEB Oriented.

For details on BELS and ZEB, please refer to the URL below.

BEL: https://www.hyukakyoukai.or.jp/bels/bels.html(only in Japanese)

ZEB: http://www.env.go.jp/earth/zeb/index.html(only in Japanese)

The above assessment is based on the design and renovation plan for the building, assuming that the renovation will be carried out in the future. We will determine the actual timing of the renovations taking into account the long-term renovation plans for the entire portfolio.

JRE obtained the ZEB Ready certification with the advice of engineering experts. We will continue our efforts to realize ZEBs through renovations for other existing properties.

JRE will continue to take sustainability seriously in its asset management in the future. For more details on JRE’s ESG initiatives, please visit the following website.

JRE ESG website: https://jre-esg.com/en/

This is the English translation of the Japanese announcement dated January 31, 2022.

No representation or warranty is made as to the completeness or accuracy of this English translation.