Kimberly Ray, part of radio duo fired for racist comments, to sell homes

TO UPDATE: The day after former radio host Kimberly Ray announced that she would be joining a real estate company in Pittsford as a real estate agent, the firm canceled her offer.

Kimberly Ray from the former radio team of Kimberly and Beck at 95.1 WAIO-FM in Rochester is now transitioning to a career as a broker.

Ray announced on Twitter that she would be joining ReMax Realty Group in Pittsford and found that this was something she always wanted to do.

“It was a long road to get her real estate license. The test and course are pretty difficult,” said Ray.

Kimberly Ray will now be called Kimberly Goodman, her married name. She is part of the roCK team of the ReMax Realty Group in Pittsford with the C for her business partner Debbie Campanella and the K for Kimberly.

What did Kimberly and Beck say? 95.1 fires radio duo for racist comments

In June, the radio station IHeartMedia Rochester fired the hosts of its afternoon show for making racist comments. Since being released, she has been offered another station in Rochester, but she chose to follow her heart into real estate.

Kimberly Ray Goodman said she has always had a love for homes and would attend open house on the weekend. She spent the month of July prep with a 75-hour real estate course and passed the first attempt on.

Kimberly was released after repeatedly referring to the N-word live on air while speaking about the Black Lives Matter and Rochester protests against police brutality following the death of George Floyd. The talk focused on a Rochester couple who were apparently attacked by a group of looters.

“Okay, let me ask you a question. Did you play N-word-ish? “Kimberly said on the radio 95.1?

“If you look like a thug and act like a thug and you have three against one who beats a white woman with a two-by-four, by God, you are a thug,” said her co-host, Beck Said.

Robert J. Morgan, President of Upstate New York Market for iHeartMedia, said of the couple’s layoff, “We will not tolerate this type of behavior that runs counter to our core values ​​and beliefs and our commitment to our community and all parties involved.”

Kimberly Ray Goodman sees the opportunity to become a real estate agent as a fresh start at the age of 54. She lives in Greece with her husband Rich Goodman and their 22-year-old daughter and recently moved their 86-year-old mother to the multigenerational home. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, she moved to Rochester in 2001 for a position at 98.9 WBZA-FM and took over the position at 95.1 WAIO-FM in 2014.

She is committed to Rochester and will act as a buyer and seller across the region. Her radio show had a strong following. While brokers are affiliated with an agency, brokers are essentially independent contractors in charge of their own ledger.

When asked if she would continue to show her great personality in real estate affairs, she replied, “That’s all I have.”

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