Learn from Roman Shapovalov, a few tips for successful real estate investing

The real estate mastermind under 30 inspires others to believe in their dreams and take risks to make them come true.

They say investing in real estate is very risky, but Roman Shapovalov disagrees and believes that real estate, if done right, can change the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and investors for the better. Yes, the path can be difficult, but it will be worth it, says the young entrepreneur and investor. Working as a teenager, painting houses in South Dakota to become the youngest IT manager and top auto finance manager on the East Coast, and eventually becoming a sought after serial entrepreneur is what Roman Shapovalov is to you.

In just a few years the boy from Belarus, who lives in the USA, has created a successful customer base for himself as a real estate entrepreneur and investor who optimizes intelligent marketing strategies in several ways. He shares with us today some tips that can lead to a successful property investment.

• Know your market: Roman Shapovalov suggests that investors first know their market and gain in-depth knowledge of the audience they are trying to target. To do this, they need to limit themselves to a specific geographic location and focus on residential and commercial real estate. They also need to know about current trends such as changes in consumer habits, mortgage rates, etc. that will help them plan for the future.

• Develop a niche: Understanding and focusing on a specific area is a key factor in long-term success, says Roman Shapovalov. Once an investor has mastered a particular market, they can use the same detailed approach to move up into other additional areas.

• Maintaining high ethical standards: honesty attracts all industries and helps to gain the trust of the people in the industry and customers. It is therefore important for real estate investors to adhere to high ethical standards, emphasizes Roman Shapovalov.

• Understand the risks involved: Many stock market investors are often inundated with warnings about the risks involved. With real estate investors, they see ads that claim the opposite and say it’s easy to make money from real estate. According to Roman Shapovalov, real estate investors need to understand the risks, be careful of real estate deals and legal implications, and work towards reducing those risks.

The typical young real estate entrepreneur and investor’s day looks like chasing leads, talking to salespeople, executing the various marketing plans, making calls and stuffing all the data into the systems. Even after so much success, Roman Shapovalov continues to work hard to achieve better results in business. Find out more about him now and follow him on Instagram @theromanq.