Lincoln County taxable real estate values on track to rise only slightly as local government budget season approaches | Local

Another new state law, LB 644, requires a joint public hearing of districts, cities, school districts and adult education centers who want to increase their property tax applications by more than 2% plus the percentage increase in their respective taxable value.

Such hearings must take place between September 17th and 29th, with local governments up to September 30th, 10 days later than before, to approve their budgets and submit them to the State Audit Office.

The district board has until October 15 to ratify the final tax rates for 2021, although this cannot affect a single rate other than its own.

Housing ratings remained unchanged for three North Platte homes – one each on the north, west, and southwest sides of the city between the two branches of the Platte River – that The Telegraph follows during the taxation season.

With that, the fate of their gross tax bills for 2021 is once again in the hands of the eight local governments serving property owners within the city limits.

Taxable values ​​have increased in other parts of the county, Stenger said, as the Assessor’s Office seeks state law by inspecting every county property at least every six years.

North Platte home ratings north of the UP Tracks are generally updated in 2023, while those south of the Tracks are set for 2024.