Listing Concierge Makes Marketing Easy For Coldwell Banker Agents

Listing Concierge is a web-based clearinghouse providing marketing services for Coldwell Banker NRT agents.

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Listing Concierge is a web-based clearinghouse providing marketing services for Coldwell Banker NRT agents.

Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: New mid-level agents and teams within the Coldwell Banker NRT brands

Top selling points:

  • 360 degree marketing needs
  • Fast, practical support
  • Good mix of tradition and digital
  • Ensures brand consistency across the company

Main concern

The cost can be prohibitive for new and new agents. And while the tactical tools required to market real estate are abundant, the system lacks a strategic component and it could encourage agents to use a “shotgun approach” when marketing a property.

What you should know

The country’s largest residential real estate company has no hesitation in its commitment to technology.

It launched an iBuyer service last fall (which is staying a little under the radar), and its CEO is open about how technology enables agents but can never serve as a substitute for their value.

This commitment to the digital business is evident in Listing Concierge, a one-stop clearinghouse for marketing services developed by NRT, accessible from any web browser.

The solution is designed to make it easy for agents to order the range of creative results required to compete, from social media posts to announcement mailers with silver envelopes.

It’s an in-house canva, or better jigglar. It intelligently makes the creative decisions for the agent to avoid production delays and overcome a lack of technical design skills.

Realtors just need to enter basic property information and upload pictures (by ready-to-order professional photographers) to distribute a range of printed and digital images to help them sell. The processing time for most projects is a maximum of two days.

There is an option for agents to provide their own creative copies for flyers and the like, but NRT representatives admit that doing so sometimes causes delays.

LCCs or Listing Concierge Coordinators have developed an internal warning system to get agents to deliver their creative assets as quickly as possible.

The solution goes well beyond the creative similarities and enables Platinum users (the highest membership level) to buy advertising time on a regionally broadcast television program that is broadcast on partner channels across the country on Sunday afternoons.

Agents can buy Matterport tours, promote a Facebook post, place ads online or let sellers notify them of updates to offer activity.

For printing projects, the software becomes so specific that agents can request booklet size and paper quality and weight. That means they don’t limit such projects to a standard size and allow agents to differentiate themselves and their sellers’ homes.

Ordering materials is clean and dry, confirmations and a clean user experience make it easy to understand what has been purchased. And for agents who carefully track marketing spend, Listing Concierge provides an annual order history for each project ordered.

Essentially, NRT has built its own shop for branded marketing materials. And while the stand version is very intuitive for both agents and the LCCs that support them, Inman got a quick look at a new user interface and UX to be rolled out later this year.

The company employed a whole team of developers to revise the experience. Expect smaller fonts, more screen real estate, iconography, and a smarter ordering process.

According to NRT, Listing Concierge is currently active in 29 percent of its markets and supports more than 8,600 agents. The company’s plan for 2019 is to roll out at affiliate brands in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Chicago, Colorado, and Los Angeles. They expect to support 50,000 agents by the end of 2019.

The idea of ​​a web portal for handicrafts and ordering branded creations is by no means new. However, agents under an NRT brand should be amazed by their capabilities and how clearly they overlap with their top dog’s vision for their success.

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