Local Logic Hires Sara Maffey as Head of Industry Relations

Local Logic, a location intelligence platform that delivers powerful insights to home buyers, real estate professionals and developers, announced today that it has hired Sara Maffey as Head of Industry Relations.

In her new role, Sara will be responsible for building and growing the Local Logic brand in the US and Canada. She will also take a lead role in refining the platform’s growing product offerings, creating messaging, creating content to promote her priority initiatives – including the Local Analytics platform, developing new customer relationships, and representing the company at conferences and events – take over.

“Sara is one of the most respected and accomplished real estate and placemaking professionals,” said Vincent-Charles Hodder, Founder and CEO of Local Logic. “Their unmatched expertise and years of experience navigating developers and officials in an increasingly complex market will be invaluable as we expand the reach and power of our product offerings and continue to leverage the power of location intelligence. Sara’s deep and relevant story in both the private and public sectors will fuel the transformation of Local Logic’s building assessment and forecasting models to revolutionize the way our cities are designed, built and experienced. ”

Sara, who will be based in Atlanta, Georgia, has a long track record of helping real estate companies and technology navigate between people and places. Most recently, she served as the Managing Director of Placemaking and a board member at commercial real estate services and advisory firm Transwestern, where she led the repositioning of key commercial assets and worked with relevant stakeholders to create market-driven, authentic ecosystems through tenant programming, convenience and physical design, and innovative branding. and marketing strategies.

Prior to Transwestern, Sara was President and CEO of Edgewood Strategies, a corporate and government consultancy. Her career also includes stints at real estate agents Cushman & Wakefield, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, and as a Presidential Management Fellow with the US Department of Commerce during the Obama administration.

Sara holds a Masters in Business Administration from Yale University and a BA in Urban Design and Architecture from New York University.

“Over the past decade, the real estate industry has recognized the tremendous power of data to drive the multitude of development, investment and planning decisions that drive placemaking technology and shape our rapidly changing built environment,” said Maffey . “I couldn’t be more excited to join the innovative and visionary team at Local Logic who are committed to furthering this development. By giving both the private and public sectors a more holistic picture of the complex ecosystem that surrounds every property and neighborhood, we can begin to create more equitable communities and better places that authentically serve the people who use them . “

Local Logic offers the largest location intelligence dataset in North America – with more than 30 billion data points spanning more than 200 million properties in the United States and Canada. By combining traditional real estate data such as real estate history, demographics and market comparisons with a variety of other alternative data sources, the platform brings transparency to the real estate market by creating and analyzing a digital representation of cities, such as external factors such as noise, liveliness, accessibility, transit access and quality of schools affect market demand.

Local Logic’s location information enables a new kind of placement – one that is not based on gut feeling and intuition, but rather on data that encompasses all elements of the real estate market and the built environment. By accessing accurate real-time data, Local Logic enables the public and private sectors to understand and respond to citizens’ needs – creating long-term value and fairer, more resilient living spaces.

Local Logic’s unique platform provides a wide variety of clients with deep insights into not only real estate, but the wider environment in which they exist.

By providing high-precision real-time data and analytics to help users better understand a neighborhood’s complex ecosystem, Local Logic’s proprietary platform guides buyers, home hunters and real estate agents to properties and locations that suit their individual preferences.

Local Logic offers real estate investors, developers and other professionals a more holistic picture of the respective market and associated consumer demand. This analysis creates a new level of certainty regarding property-level attributes that have long been treated as subjective. It helps them determine the highest and best usage of a given asset and enable more accurate, efficient and successful investment decisions.

Local logic information

Local Logic is a data and analytics platform that quantifies the qualities of a particular location – from suburban homes to urban skyscrapers to retail. Founded by a team of city planners, engineers, data scientists and real estate experts, the company combines geospatial, user-generated data and real estate data to provide a holistic perspective on cities, the way people perceive and value them, and how technology can provide transparency introduce into the real estate market. The consumer-centric tools can be found on websites like REMAX.com, Zillow Group, Zumper, Realtor.ca and others.

With more than 30 billion unique data points – the largest unique location data set in the US and Canada – Local Logic provides predictive, accurate analytics to inform decision makers about building and investing in the urban environment. The company has partnered with numerous leading real estate developers and property management firms, including DevMcGill, Ivanhoe Cambridge, and Midwood Investment and Development.

Learn more at locallogic.co.